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Triathlon Gear Video Triathletes

Meet the triathletes behind the product videos. These triathletes reach the spectrum of athletes: beginners, elites, sprinters, and Ironman racers. See the triathlon product videos they helped to create at our triathlon product videos page.

Eric Laura Justin B.

Triathlete: Greg
Originally from: San Francisco, CA
Racing since: 2008
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: Sprint ITU World Championships, Wildflower Olympic, Pacific Coast Triathlon, Orance County Triathlon, Breath of Life Triathlon

Greg started doing triathlons to get back into shape after college. He is always working hard to improve efficiency and speed.   back to top

Triathlete: Larua
Originally from: Irvine, CA
Racing since: 2005
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: Pacific Coast Triathlon, Santa Barbara Triathlon, Lavaman Triathlon

When Laura isn't racing, she is busy helping new triathletes as a Team in Training mentor. Through TNT, Laura has helped many athletes achieve their goals and loves getting people involved in the sport.   back to top

Triathlete: Ron
Originally from: Laguna Niguel, CA
Racing since: 2001
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman (70.3)
Race Experience: Ironman 70.3 Hawaii, Ironman 70.3 California, Big Rock Tri, Orange County Tri, Pacific Coast Tri, Long Beach Tri, Desert Triathlon

Ron is the founder of Triathica Training Academy. He loves the longer distances, and just earned a spot for his first Kona Ironman World Championships!   back to top

Triathlete: Mendi
Originally from: California
Racing since: 2008
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: Temecula Triathlon, Havasu Triathlon, Bonelli Triathlon

Mendi is fairly new to triathlon, but she loves the sport. She started with some sprint and olympic distance triathlons and is now training for her first Half Ironman in October 2010.   back to top

Triathlete: Eric
Originally from: Orange County, CA
Racing since: 1999
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman (70.3), Ironman (140.6)
Race Experience: Ironman Louisville Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon, Carlsbad Triathlon

Eric is a two time Ironman, and a Team in Training Coach for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He loves the sport of triathlon, but enjoys introducing others to the sport for a great cause even more.   back to top

Triathlete: Karl
Originally from: Elkhorn, NE
Racing since: 2005
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half–Iron (70.3), Iron (140.6)
Race Experience: Sado International Triathlon, Carpenteria, WCCTC Series, Ironman Coeur d’ Alene

Karl just completed his first Ironman recently at Ironman Coer d' Alene. His strength lies in his ability to train a lot, but he has to be careful not to overdo it sometimes.   back to top

Triathlete: Sylvia
Originally from: Fountain Valley, CA
Racing since: 2001
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: UCSD Sprint Triathlon, CSULB Reverse Sprint, UCSB Long Sprint, Cal Poly Conference Olympic

Silvia attends UCI and is a member of the UCI Triathlon Team. She works hard to balance training and school and hopes to improve upon this year's results in the upcoming race season.   back to top

Triathlete: Conan
Originally from: Garden Grove, CA
Racing since: 2010
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: UCI Zot Trot, UCLA IronBruin, San Diego International

Conan comes from a cycling background and enjoys doing tricks on his fixed gear when he's not training for races. Although he just learned to swim this year, it didn't stop him from finishing strong in his first Olympic distance at San Diego.   back to top

Triathlete: Justin B.
Originally from: Windsor, Canada
Racing since: 2009
Race Distances: Sprint, Olympic
Race Experience: Los Alamitos Race on the Base, Newport Beach Triathlon

Justin loves the sport of triathlon and trains hard to keep beating his personal bests. Justin enjoys the training so much that he signed up for Oceanside 70.3 a year in advance!   back to top

Triathlete: Clint
Originally from: Hawaii
Racing since: 2010
Race Distances: Sprint
Race Experience: Cactus Cup, Big Bear Race Series

Clint used to race mountain bikes and is training for his first triathlon in summer 2010. When he isn't training for triathlons, Clint spends his time winning softball league championships, watching baseball, and surfing in Newport Beach, CA.   back to top

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