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Triathlon Guides and Articles

The triathlon guides and triathlon tips below are for beginner triathletes and elite triathletes alike. We reviewed the most popular triathlon gear to compile these product comparisons, guides, and triathlon videos. Look for triathlon guides and triathlon comparison charts to help you choose.

Triathlon Wetsuit FAQ

  • What do I look for in tri wetsuit fit?
  • How to properly try on a wetsuit
  • How do I store my wetsuit?
  • How tight should my wetsuit be?

Triathlon Checklist

  • Printable triathlon checklist by distance
  • Staff selected race essentials
  • Triathlon gear separated by discipline

Triathlon Wetsuit Buying Guide

  • Why buy a triathlon wetsuit?
  • The right wetsuit for your swimming ability
  • Determining proper fit for a triathlon wetsuit

Why Triathlon Equipment is Unique

  • Benefits of swimming with a tri wetsuit
  • Difference between a triathlon bike and road bike
  • Triathlon running shoe features

Bike Helmet FAQ

  • Bike Helmet Safety
  • How to choose a bike helmet
  • Difference between sport, road, and mountain bike helmets

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