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110% Compression Men’s Juggler Compression Knickers





Compression knickers with cold therapy that targets quadriceps, hamstrings, hip, lumbar and knees.  These come complete with ice sheets and thermal bag  Add yours to cart from today.

  • Designed for Athletes – Core athletes understand that faster recovery leads to better performance.
  • Two Simple Therapies, One Garment – The gradient compression enhances circulation while cold therapy reduces pain and prevents soreness.
  • Better Compression & Fit– Advanced EC3D garment technology and a 360-degree stretch knit with50% more spandex than competitors and higher levels of compression for optimal support, circulation and mobility.
  • Wear During Training and After – Simply wear during training then slide the frozen ice sheets in afterwards.

Seamless Technology

  • Better Fit – Our tubular seamless construction delivers an ergonomic fit and serious support exactly where you need it.
  • More Power – Advanced garment technology and a 360-degreeStretch Knit with 50% more spandex than competitors and higher levels of compression (mmHg), for optimal support, circulation and mobility.
  • Compression where you need it – Each of our garments is anatomically designed to create zoned compression: Highest furthest from the heart and lowest where it’s closer, to provide targeted biomechanical support.
  • No Sweat, No Smell – Our training and recovery garments are made of 70% polypropylene which retains 300% less water than nylon garments to keep you cool and dry while you’re pushing your edge. 110%compression gear is made from individually silver- treated EC3D fibers to help destroy 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria.

Science of Compression

  • Enhanced Circulation, Decreased Muscle Vibration, Increased Muscle Efficiency
  • Compression assists with your venous blood flow back to the heart, increasing your cardiovascular capacity, reducing the lactic acids that cause soreness and lessening fatigue and recovery time.
  • Compression has been shown to increase your blood’s oxygen uptake to help your heart beat stronger and more efficiently.
  • Also, compression garments stabilize your muscles during exercise, making them more efficient. Preventing muscle vibration lets you play harder and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the body.


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