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2nd Surge Gel, 1 Packet





Bonking. Hitting the wall. Blowing up. What causes extreme fatigue Researchers have identified two fatigue centers; one in the brain, the other in muscles.

2nd Surge is the first all-natural energy gel specifically formulated to delay the onset of both muscle and brain fatigue.

The proprietary formula of rapidly acting carbohydrates, proteins, caffeine, and antioxidants are proven to:

  • Increases the delivery of critical nutrients to the brain and muscle cells
  • Maintain metabolic energy needs
  • Inhibit the release of fatigue signals in the brain
  • Reduce muscle damage, an important trigger for release of fatigue signals
  • Gives you added energy when you need it most

Available in Chocolate and Double Espresso flavors. welcomes 2nd Surge, Mind and Muscle Fuel for a Stronger Finish.

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