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2XU Unisex Compression Tights (Clearance)





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2XU Compression is about performance. 2XU Compression is about the fabric.

2XU Unisex Compression Tights

2XU Compression is the new standard in high performance compression wear. If you’re serious about getting the best compression performance on the market, then make the leap to 2XU. Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the performance of this tight comes down to two important factors: the performance of the fabric and the graduated compression fit. Utilizing their exclusive 50D/CK fabric, they have combined a 50-denier Lycra together with a revolutionary circular knit high gauge construction, which provides the most compressive fabric on the market. The graduated compression of the tight is fundamental in removing all the fatigue-causing waste byproducts the body produces during high active sports. The extra push of blood from the ankles towards the heart caused by the tight gives another level of performance and allows you to perform longer with less fatigue. One Tri is one of the premier retailers for the 2XU Unisex Compression Thights.


  • Circular Knit
    Circular Knit is the most suitable knit structure for Compression wear, with a 360 degree stretch/stretch compression. Exclusive to 2XU.
  • 50 Denier High Power Yarn
    2XU uses 50 Denier Lycra, compared with 30/40 Denier as used by their competitors. Denier represents the thickness of the yarn. A thicker yarn delivers a stronger compressive power.
  • Accelerated Circulation, Graduated Compression
    A graduated compression fit ensures that your blood flow is optimized and stays optimized, removing waste by-products in the process. This ensures you can perform longer with less fatigue.
  • 4X Directional Stretch
    The Circular Knit process gives 4-way/360 degree stretch/compression compared with the limited directional stretch obtained with the traditional tricot knit process.
  • 2X Compressive Power
    High 50 Denier fabric rating provides compression performance you can feel.
  • 4X Durability
    Prime Lycra by Dupont has 4 times the durability compared to Asian sourced elastane (such as Roica as used by some competitors). This ensures your garment maintains its compressive properties over time.

The 2XU Compression advantage:

  • Superior Fabric
    With circular knit technology for equal 360 degree stretch, anti-microbial treatment and highly durable 50 Denier Lycra Prime Yarn. Compresses stronger and lasts longer.
  • Improved Recovery
    Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit leading to faster muscle repair.
  • Improved Circulation
    Faster warm up and improved oxygen circulation. Encourages blood to the muscles and flush by-products away.
  • Reduced Fatigue
    Reduced muscle vibration (linked to muscle fatigue) improves muscle endurance and strength.
  • Reduced Damage
    2XU muscle containment can reduce soft tissue damage in contact and intense sports. Preventative support and aided recovery.
  • Heightened Proprioception
    Heightened body position sense for enhanced stability and agility.

Sizing Chart:


Waist25-26 64-66cm27-29 67-74cm29-31 75-79cm32-34 80-86cm35-38 87-97cm39-42 98-107cm

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