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2XU Winter Cold Weather Full Finger Gloves





The 2XU Winter Cold Weather Full Finger Glove utilizes their 10:8 membrane fabric technology to ensure your hands stay warm, release excessive moisture and block out the elements of wind and rain. The 2XU Winter Cold Weather Full Finger Glove are well fitted for trouble free shifting with extra padding to absorb the shock of the road. The 2XU Winter Cold Weather Full Finger Glove will give you maximum protection this winter with minimum bilk.


  • 2XU’s 8/10 Membrane technology has been created to create an equilibrium environment between the skin and the fabric.
  • Our European sourced membrane delivers with waterproofness of 8,000mmH2O making the penetration through the fabric face through any conditions from a shower to a snow storm impossible. This is coupled with a moisture vapour release (M/P 10,000gm/m2/24hrs) specifically designed to avoid moisture buildup when working out.
  • The 8/10 membrane has tiny channels which are several hundred times smaller than water vapour but several thousand times bigger than moisture vapour.
  • Combined with a micro fleece on the inside and a hydrophilic polyester top layer, we have continued our tradition of designing fabrics from scratch specifically designed to be worn in high active sport.

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