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2XU Women’s E:1 Elite Triathlon Wetsuit (Clearance)





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The 2XU Women’s E:1 Elite Triathlon Wetsuit is a top of the line 2XU triathlon wetsuit. The 2XU Women’s E:1 Elite Triathlon Wetsuit allows ample flexibility and excellent compression for extra power. The 2XU Women’s E:1 Elite Triathlon Wetsuit provides the buoyancy you need to maximize body positioning with all the flexibility and support required to stay in front of the pack. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the 2XU Women’s E:1 Elite Triathlon Wetsuit.


  • Optimizing the maximum 5mm thickness allowed under the International Federation Rules, and incorporating 39 cell rubber – the most buoyant on the market due to the cell density (spec gravity=.13). Maximum buoyancy means less body in the water therefore less wetted surface area, and a faster overall speed through the water. Water is 1000 times denser than air, and has a drag coefficient 10 times greater than air. Buoyancy is the ultimate component of speed.
  • 2XU Elite wetsuit utilizes Nano SCS giving the wetsuit an extra 4% in buoyancy over standard SCS. The underwater coefficient of dynamic friction of the SCS Nanoskin is 0.026 in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene. Less friction = more speed.
  • 2XU have engineered a wetsuit with the optimum chest/hip buoyancy balance. Synchronizing hip and chest buoyancy through the front panel cut Without this formula hip or chest submersion can occur throwing out your level body position and your stroke, bringing into play both inefficient technique and the usage of untrained muscles , bringing on quicker fatigue.
  • The hydrodynamic flow over the front of the wetsuit is interrupted by seams, so 2XU have a one piece design from the neck to the knee to reduce drag and increase speed through the water.


  • Industry first Roll Bar region improves the buoyancy in the core of the wetsuit. Better body position is delivered through maintained buoyancy when the body rolls off the front panel. This ultimately maintains higher body position (speed in water) and derives power from better positioned hips – enhancing the pull phase of the stroke.

Underarm/Lateral Panel

  • The main factor for underarm material selection is flexibility. The underarm is a key panel which dictates the degree of shoulder and arm movement , releasing the swimming stroke action, allowing a complete extension along the latissimus dorsi. Both the neoprene and inner lining materials have been selected for maximum flexibility.
  • 1.5mm 520% Stretch Neoprene.
  • The advanced material and construction of the 2XU underarm panel delivers maximum flexibility to enable the greatest range of arm extension, rotation, abduction and adduction. In short a full unrestricted range of arm movement.


  • The upper leg region (of seamless front panel) are serviced by the most buoyant neoprene available – Nano SCS 5mm 39 cell neoprene.
  • The lower legs have a reduced 3mm panel structure to help with the run up the beach and to remove the wetsuit with ease.
  • Adjustable length leg to customize fit for your kicking style. Trim the leg length back to reduce buoyancy and lower your feet for more kick power.
  • Quick Release leg cut for faster suit removal.

Back Panels (Main Lateral and Lower Back)

  • Fundamental panels many other wetsuit brands underestimate. 2XU have engineered a back panel structure which is strong enough to contain the rigid zip, withstanding the punishment of constant use, but more importantly flexible enough to interact with the underarm panel, and allow the zip to float with body movement. This is achieved by the one piece floating zip panel, no seams so less restriction.
  • The floating zip back panel enhances flexibility of our back panel which allows the zip (by construct non stretch) to move in partnership with the body, especially during the recovery and catch phase of the stroke – when your arm moves through the largest motion from beside your hip to entering the water in front of you, requiring the wetsuit to stretch along your back and shoulder.
  • The 2XU floating back panel also has the advantage of contributing to better expansion of the chest cavity, therefore reducing restriction to the breathing motion. The less flexible 5mm front flotation panel is complemented by the hyper flexible 1.5mm underarm panel and 3mm back panels to promote core expansion and breathing.

Seat and Crotch Panels

  • These two panels are all about maximizing buoyancy, while having an anatomical fitting shape so water does not gather in this region. An ill fitted suit will allow the back up of water and increase in weight.
  • We have used 39 cell SCS neoprene for maximum buoyancy allowed, and have also utilized a backing which will hold its shape and support in a region where most of the power in the stroke can come from.
  • In utilizing materials which compress the muscles in the buttock and higher leg greater muscle stability reduces fatigue and allows the muscle to be primed for greater power output.
  • Crotch panel also utilizes slightly thinner thickness to enhance the run up the beach by allowing more flexibility without sacrificing buoyancy.

Shoulder (and Exterior Arm) Panel

  • Yet another 2XU benefit. One seamless panel running from the neck to the wrist. No seams translates to more flexibility through the shoulder and elbow region.
  • Utilizing hyper flexible yet buoyant 2mm 39 cell rubber with hydrophobic Polyester backing, the 2XU shoulder panel absorbs less water when the suit is submerged, with maximum stretch.

Fore Arm Grip Panel

  • The rough capsule texture on the anterior forearm (rather than the smooth SCS coating we have on the other panels) grips the water and enhances the power of your catch with a better purchase of the water.
  • This mesh panel anchors the arm so the body can effectively flow through and past the planted forearm, enhancing your ability to pull yourself through the water

Neck Panel

  • The neckline must balance tension perfectly to minimize both water intake and chaffing.
  • This neckline solution is completed with an adjustable fastening collar system, allowing you to personalize the fit and maintain the perfect tension.
  • Seamless front construction so less drag.
  • 2XU seamless neck panel, for greater flexibility and comfort (chafe-free). This neckline solution is completed with an adjustable fastening collar system, allowing you to personalize the fit and maintain the perfect tension.

Invisible Zip

  • The 2XU zip is manufactured from reliable light and strong material, positioned behind the back panel lapels to reduce water intake and
    streamlined for speed.



  • 1. Nano SCS coating
  • 2. Seamless Shoulder/Arm Panel
  • 3. Rollbar
  • 4. 39 Cell Front Buoyancy
  • 5. 520% Stretch Lining
  • 6. Transition Panel Seam Overlap Technology
  • 7. Floating Zip



Women Height (cm) Height (ft.) Weight (kg) Weight (lbs.)
Extra Small 142 – 162 4’9” – 5’3” 40 – 50 88 – 110
Small 150 – 165 4’11” – 5’5” 47 – 57 104 – 126
Small / Med 155 – 175 5’1” – 5’9” 55 – 66 121 – 146
Medium 160 – 175 5’3” – 5’9” 64 – 72 141 – 159
Large 165 – 180 5’5” – 5’11” 68 – 80 150 – 176

Men Height (cm) Height (ft.) Weight (kg) Weight (lbs.)
Extra Small 156 – 172 5’3” – 5’9” 55 – 65 128 – 150
Small 160 – 172 5’3” – 5’9” 63 – 70 139 – 154
Small / Tall 174 – 182 5’9” – 6’0” 64 – 72 141 – 159
Small / Med 165 – 179 5’7” – 5’10” 68 – 75 150 – 165
Medium 170 – 184 5’7” – 6’0 72 – 80 159 – 176
Medium Tall 178 – 193 5’10” – 6’4” 74 – 83 163 – 183
Medium Solid 165 – 175 5’5” – 5’9” 78 – 88 172 – 194
Large  175 – 188 5’9” – 6’2” 85 – 94 187 – 207
Large Tall 180 – 195 5’11” – 6’5” 84 – 94 185 – 207
X Large 180 – 200 5’11” – 6’7” 92 – 110 203 – 243
XX Large 180 – 210  5’11” – 6’11” 105 – 120 231 – 256

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