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Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin





The Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin is the product of thinking about getting the best out of non-wetsuit legal swims. Like the blueseventy Helix wetsuit, the super slick surface layer on the Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin has a drag coefficient of 0.032 which is over 50 times lower than skin and more than 4 times lower than other swim skins on the market. The fit and styling have been developed from comprehensive testing and the knowledge that comes from years of experience in open water swimming and features the double hoop of high stretch materials, that forms the helix shape after which the suit is named. This extra-stretchy band of lycra, in the Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin, works to mechanically decouple the arms from the rest of the suit. When you stretch into the stroke you are normally pulling against the non-flexible material of the suit, but in the Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin the lycra bands work to “float” the arm so it doesn’t have to work against resistance. Like the Helix, the Blue Seventy Men’s Pointzero3 Swimskin’s seam lines have been made for swimming, not running like most other wetsuit brands.


  • Helix technology – a specially designed pattern that allows increased range of motion to enhance the swim stroke and minimize water entry.
  • Neutral buoyancy means the pointzero3 is legal for all FINA, USAT, WTC and DTU events.
  • Fold over soft stitching in shoulder panels reduces chafing and releases pressure points.
  • Yamamoto SCS fabric with hydrophobic skin reduces the surface co-efficient. The result is a massive reduction in the swimmer’s friction drag: DRST reduces the surface drag coefficient.
  • Quick Exit Leg panels that make getting out of the suit timeless.
  • Approved for use in all FINA events.


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