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Blue Seventy Women’s Pointzero3+ Swimskin





Behind the phenomenal results in 2007 and 2008, the Blue Seventy Women’s Pointzero3+ Swimskin is a combination of the latest technologically enhanced materials and hours of work with athletes developing a fit that improves and compliments all facets of the swim stroke. The Blue Seventy Women’s Pointzero3+ Swimskin’s neutrally buoyant fabric is a careful integration of stretch lyrca and precision manufacturing, making the Blue Seventy Women’s Pointzero3+ Swimskin the suit of choice for athletes looking for a non-buoyant swimskin.


  • Helix technology – a specially designed pattern that allows increased range of motion to enhance the swim stroke and minimize water entry.
  • Neutral buoyancy means the pointzero3 is legal for all FINA, USAT, WTC and DTU events.
  • Fold over soft stitching in shoulder panels reduces chafing and releases pressure points.
  • Yamamoto SCS fabric with hydrophobic skin reduces the surface co-efficient. The result is a massive reduction in the swimmer’s friction drag: DRST reduces the surface drag coefficient.
  • Longer leg paneling that produces more skin cover and reduces drag even further.
  • Quick Exit Leg panels that make getting out of the suit timeless.
  • Full leg coverage of Yamamoto SCS fabric improves kick speed and efficiency.
  • Approved for use in all FINA events.


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