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BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick, 1.5 oz. CLEARANCE

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This is the Original anti-friction BodyGlide.
BodyGlide is a product that protects you in multiple sports: triathlon, swimming, cycling and running. BodyGlide products are preferred, proven, and trusted in the world’s biggest triathlon events. This product is safe on wetsuits, as it contains no petroleum. In fact, it protects against chafing and rash, making wetsuit entry and exit faster and easier. BodyGlide is made to prevent irritation, blistering, and discomfort in areas of intense rubbing and friction. This product is a must-have in the sport of triathlon. One Tri is one of the premier retailers for BodyGlide, a trusted multi-functional anti-friction product.

Product Details:

Skin Formula is an all natural skin lubricant created to stand up to rubbing and moisture, the prime causes of skin irritation. It helps stop skin trouble before it starts, and helps avoid the need for first aid products. It is remarkably comfortable, reliable, and effective. Skin Formula is not another liquid, powdery substance, lotion, potion-or an empty promise.

Friction, or rubbing, is a root cause of blisters, chafing, saddle sores, rash, and other forms of skin irritation.

Skin Formula helps guard against friction and helps moisturize skin, protecting it against dryness, cracking, and a range of specialized skin needs. It works in dry, hot, cold, humid, as well as wet conditions, and also stands up to wind, fresh and salt water.

Year after year, around the world, the extent of the reliability of this product is demonstrated in sports. Marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, and adventure racers depend on Body Glide to see them through the toughest competition.

The formula combines all natural plant-derived triglycerides (waxes), with aloe and vitamin E – all packaged in a convenient stick. Skin Formula is not messy and it does not evaporate, which sets it apart from all the products made with petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, water or alcohol. It works with surface skin cells to create an invisible barrier. It feels soft, not oily, sticky or wet, and it’s invisible, staying where you apply it without flying away like a powder.

No matter how you spell it Body Glife, Body flide, Bodyflide, it’s still the same great product.

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