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CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Indoor Bike Trainer

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We designed the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Indoor Bike Trainer for the most demanding riders on earth. You believe that if you could control the variables of training, you would perform at your highest level. You want software that lets you plan a workout precisely, minute by valuable minute. You want to measure your output compared to your targets. You want the most advanced technology on your side. And you want all the facts before you invest in a trainer.

PowerBeam Pro allows you to precisely control your training by adjusting PowerTap accurate power levels from 30 to 1000+ watts or slopes up to 10%. Take it to the next level with PowerAgent Workout Creator Software to target your personalized power training zones. Strain gauges embedded in the resistance unit give PowerTap accurate resistance control and power measurement. The CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Indoor Bike Trainer is the ultimate trainer with the most precision control and measurement.

Magnetic Resistance

Closed loop resistance control allows you to target and lock in exact power output or slope for precise interval training with instantaneous resistance changes. Workout parameters can be adjusted on the fly with the PowerBeam Pro Console, or pre-programmed with the included PowerAgent Workout Creator.

With PowerAgent 7 software all the tools to customize a workout are at your fingertips. Full ride download capability and interval download and analysis capability allow riders to analyze rides for critical power, heart rate, cadence, speed and detailed variable correlations. Use these key metrics to create the most effective workout for your training goals.


  • PRE-ASSEMBLED. Use your trainer right out of the box and store it in a small space.
  • UNSURPASSED STABILITY AND DURABILITY. Ride on an exceptionally stable platform during even the most intense training.
  • QUICK-LOCK CAM LEVER. Quickly and easily install and remove your bike with a simple 90 degree turn of the handle.
  • HANDY SINGLE-LEG LEVELING ADJUSTMENT. Adjust just one leg for riding on all surfaces.
  • CONVENIENT SKEWER CLAMP. Center your bike from just one side and hold it securely. *Ensure to engage secondary locking feature.
  • BIG WHEELS, TOO. Mount 29ers using two-position mounting bracket.
  • RACE DAY DVD. One of the finest training DVD’s available from leading coach and former USPS team member Robbie Ventura.
  • PowerTap power measurement technology accurate to + or – 5% for precise power measurement.
  • Closed loop resistance control allows you to target and lock in exact power output or slope for precise interval training with instantaneous resistance changes.
  • It’s the only wireless electronic trainer available.
  • Easy set up and portability. 100% data integrity, no drop outs or interference.
  • ANT heart rate and cadence sensor included.
  • PowerTuned fl ywheel optimizes inertial effect with limited dead weight for smooth, realworld feel.
  • Console features easy-to-use interface, backlit display that’s easy to see in all conditions.
  • Create and manage custom workouts with PowerAgent Workout Creator software based on slope, power, and training zones.
  • Prescribe training and testing protocol to athletes and training partners.
  • A stiffer yoke limits vibrations at all speeds for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Large, precision machined alloy roller reduces tire wear and slippage.
  • Quick-cam locking mechanism allows fast installation and removal of bike.
  • CycleOps Pro series frame is the easiest to use and most stable frame available.

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