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CycleOps PVC Rollers

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See your fitness-and your bike handling skills-improve when you add the CycleOps PVC Rollers to your training program. With the CycleOps PVC Rollers, you’ll increase your balance, control and ability to ride a straight line, all of which translate to more efficiency, power and technique on the road. And because you have to pedal 100% of the time to balance your bike, you get an amazing workout, whether you choose to go at an easy spin or a more intense pace. After a winter on the CycleOps PVC Rollers you’ll be poised to lead the pack in the spring.

PVC Rollers:

Not only do CycleOps PVC Rollers provide the most awesome stationary workout with incredible real-world ride feel, but they’re also simple to set-up, store. Watch the time fly by during an indoor ride, rollers offer the ultimate in versatility and simplicity.

CycleOps PVC Rollers can be conveniently folded for grab-and-go transport and out of the way storage, so training areas stay clutter-less and you’re never more than a few seconds away from letting the good times roll.


  • Precision-lathed 3.25″ PVC roller drums run silent and smooth, and won’t distort in heat or sunlight.
  • 16″ wide base and rubber foot pads provide a soft ride.
  • Adjustable wheel base to fit different sized bikes.
  • Fold flat in half or stand on end for convenient storage.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable steel-frame construction.

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