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De Soto Leg Coolers 2014 – Unisex – Clearance





Available in White and in Black.

The same concept that has made De Soto Arm Coolers one of De Soto’s biggest selling products is now available for your legs! Skin Cooler is a special moisture-radiating material that actually offers a cooling effect.

Skin Cooler Fabrics Clarified:

Do not be deceived. Simply because a garment is white does not make it Skin Cooler! It is time to redefine and make clear what makes Skin Cooler so unique. While the rest of the world has been trying to wick moisture away from your body, De Soto has not. They want to keep you wet like a tropical rain on a hot sunny afternoon, like the sprinklers on your lawn when you were a child, like the cool misty sea spray of a wave on a warm San Diego day at the beach. Skin Cooler fabrics are designed by De Soto to cool you in hot weather.

De Soto’s Black Skin Cooler fabric keeps you just as cool as the white. It inherently has a reflective virtue that is created by a combination of the fibers, the fiber content, and the special way the fabric is knitted. Once the black fabric gets wet it keeps you cool in hot weather.

As you sweat, the special moisture-radiating composition actually offers a cooling effect by dissipating the moisture through channels to the outside of the fabric and just the slightest breeze will cool you down. The fabric will be wet, yet you will be cool.

Skin Cooler fabrics block 75% of UVB rays (the burning rays), about as much as a cotton t-shirt or a bike jersey. De Soto recommends you wear sunscreen underneath these products. It is crucial to keep in mind that a sunscreen’s (whichever brand you may choose) SPF/UPF rating refers only to its ability to protect skin from UVB radiation. Because De Soto knows that UVA damage can be just as insidious, it is essential for the health of your skin that you use a sunscreen that contains the UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and/or avobenzone.

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