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De Soto Unisex T1 Water Rover Bibjohn





What De Soto knows, and what you need to know is, according to USAT regulations, there is no limitation as to the thickness of wetsuit rubber. This has been the case for more than 20 years. This means the common misperception that the limit is 5mm does not apply to almost all races in the USA and to many races worldwide.

April 13, 2010 – WTC (this is a company that puts on Ironman and70.3 races, it is not a governing body) announced today that they are going to ban the Water Rover from their races after September 1, 2010. De Soto are not deterred. All this means is that out of over 3000 races held in the USA, only 20 races will ban the Water Rover. So you can still wear it in any of the other 3000 races.

Please contact De Soto if you care to see the guarantee that comes with the Water Rover. It is called the Fastest Wetsuit in the World Guarantee.

De Soto have developed a wetsuit that contains Yamamoto #39 -SCS rubber with panels of 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm thickness in specific locations to maximize speed, flexibility, and ease of removal, while keeping you warm without overheating.  Water you waiting for  Get Rover here and buy your De Soto Unisex T1 Water Rover Bibjohn 2010 at


  • 2mm: Our most flexible rubber is found on the bibstraps and body, on both front and back, to the crotch. This thin rubber helps keep the body from over-heating in warmer waters.
  • 10mm: We put the thickest rubber right where you need the most buoyancy: the outer hips and legs, where the largest muscles and bones in the body are found. 10mm runs all the way down the leg.
  • 5mm: These special panels simplify the donning and removal of the Water Rover. They run along the back of the leg, from just above the knee, to the bottom of the elliptical leg opening, allowing entry and exit from the water as easy any other wetsuit.

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