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Easton EC90 TT Carbon Wheel Set





The result of Easton’s drive to create the fastest wheel possible for their sponsored road and triathlon racers. Years of engineering experience and repeated sessions at San Diego’s Low Speed Wind Tunnel have helped them create a wheelset that weighs just 1424-grams and is unmatched in a wide range of wind conditions. At 90mm deep, Easton carbon rims feature Easton’s Variable Nipple Bed technology which places material only where it’s needed to support spoke tension. R4 TT front hub reduces frontal exposure to the wind by as much as 50%. Low spoke count (12-front; 16-rear) and hidden nipples enhance aerodynamic efficiency. Entirely hand-built and acoustically tuned in Easton’s own factory. For your Easton needs, is your premier retailer.


  • VNB (Variable Nipple Bed) technology is a new carbon rim manufacturing technique developed by Easton to refine the internal rim profile. By removing excess carbon material from inside the rim, between spoke holes where it’s not needed, weight’s removed without sacrificing durability.
  • Featured on the EA90SLX, EC90SLX and EC90 Aero, the new R4 SL hub has been thoroughly reworked to shave 36 grams. Ceramic bearings are used throughout, in addition to a pared down rear axle, new aluminum axle cap and dramatically lightened cassette bodies.
  • Aerodynamics are not just about a tall rim profile. On the EC90 TT and EA90 TT, uniquely narrowed front hub flanges reduce the spoke’s profile by 50% to cut through the wind faster with no ill effects in crosswinds. Campagnolo or Shimano.
  • All EC90 level wheels will include Easton brake pads made by SwissStop, widely accepted as the world’s best pad for carbon rims.
  • Easton wheels with R4 SL hubs will roll on silky smooth Grade 3 hybrid ceramic bearings throughout.
  • Excess material was removed to save 9 grams, and a new aluminum end cap cuts another two grams.
  • Aggressively machined SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano cassette bodies save up to 22 grams of rotating weight. Ceramic bearings included.
  • Using only top quality spokes is critical for high tension wheel builds. Easton only uses premium quality stainless spokes from Sapim and DT. Most wheels use straight-pull spokes, and every wheel gets a specific spoke type depending on intended use: straight gauge, double butted, triple butted and bladed. The smallest technical detail–like a spoke nipple–can literally make or break a wheel. This is why Easton pays close attention to even the smallest components and design elements of our wheels, even on the entry level models. They design our own hubs, rims and nipples, and use the best components available.
  • Multiple QC checks throughout the build process. Each wheel is given an ID number that’s coded with build stats. Wheel designs are tested for brake track durability, impact, hub/cassette windup, and bump test that equates for 4 million bumps.


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