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GU2O Sports Drink, Individual Packet





The GU20 formula draws on 40 years of international scientific research as well as over 5 years of product development and serious field-testing by athletes. GU20 includes only the essential ingredients your body needs to keep the pedal to the metal: Maltodextrin (an easily digestible complex carbohydrate, fructose (a fruit sweetener), sodium and potassium nitrate (essential electrolytes), citric acid (to balance tartness), and all natural flavors and colors. There is nothing in GU20 that will interfere with the hydration process, which means no cramping and bloating. It is very smooth tasting, easy to guzzle, has very little sugar, tastes great when its warm and is made specifically for bodies during exercise. If you are serious about your body, serious about your sport, and serious about your nutrition then GU20 is for you.

Note: Because GU20 contains mostly complex carbohydrates instead of tons of sugar it does not mix well in cold water. Use a little warm or room temperature water to mix it then add cold water.

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