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Hammer Nutrition Bar, 1 Bar





The Ultimate Energy Bar

If you want an energy bar that tastes great, is easy to digest and is made from wholesome ingredients, then try Hammer Nutrition’s new Hammer Bar. Hammer Nutrition Bar is loaded with healthy, non GMO, energy-producing organic ingredients with no added refined sugars. Plus it carries USDA organic, non-dairy kosher and vegan (Almond Raisin) certifications. The tasty Hammer Nutrition Bars are perfect as a pre-race meal, post workout recovery food or healthy snack anytime. They can also be used to complement your liquid fueling regimen for extended exercise periods. Try a sample of each flavor, they guarantee Hammer Nutrition Bar will be your new favorite. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for Hammer Nutrition Bar.


  • All natural and organic ingredients
  • Easy to digest
  • Satisfying and delicious

70%-90% Raw, non GMO, 100% vegetarian, Gluten-Free, nondairy organic Belgian Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Chip flavor), rich in phyto-nutrients and enzymes, alkalizing protein, healthy carbs, high protein, high in essential fatty acids, cold processed, delicious taste. The Hammer Bar contains only healthy fats (no trans fatty acids) and is an excellent source of phytosterols and sterolins, all of which have multiple health benefits.

The Hammer Nutrition Bar makes an ideal energy bar, but don’t let its shape fool you… it’s so much more than a mere energy bar. Eating a Hammer Bar for breakfast, lunch, or dinner provides your body with some of the highest quality food you can consume, supplying complex carbohydrates, high quality vegetable protein, healthy fats (no trans fatty acids.), nature’s own phyto-nutrients, and enzymes. Whether using the Hammer Bar to help fuel your long distance workouts and races or as a meal replacement, you can be assured that you’re giving your body the very best nutrition possible.


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