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Hammer Nutrition Energy Surge, 30 Tablets Bottle

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ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the chemical compound – the energy currency of the cell – that provides the overwhelming majority of the energy needed by your body. Under normal conditions (such as at rest) the body can produce all the ATP it needs for a healthy existence. However, during stressful conditions, such as high-intensity exercise, the body’s ATP stores are rapidly depleted and cannot be replenished quickly enough by normal means. When you’re in a race and you need to step up the effort – be it prior to attacking a climb or dropping the pack – your body must have the cellular goods to deliver the performance. And that’s exactly when Hammer Nutrition Energy Surge shines. When you put an Hammer Nutrition Energy Surge tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve, you get a nice boost of energy exactly when you need it. It’s perfect for interval sessions, a hard section of a workout or race, or when it’s time to put away the competition for good. Try a bottle (remember, all our products are 100% guaranteed) and make sure you’ve got the edge when you need it. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for Hammer Nutrition Energy Surge.


  • Instant energy right when you need it
  • Restore energy after a hard effort
  • Help maintain overall energy production

Energy Surge is an ideal supplement for use prior to and during off-season weight training sessions as it provides readily available energy for these explosive-type exercises.


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