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Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance, 24 Servings Container

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In hot conditions, especially beyond a two-hour effort, your core temperature can increase substantially, causing profuse sweating. The ensuing fluid depletion forces your heart to work harder and slows metabolic reactions necessary for efficient fuel transport. This means decreased athletic performance and increased possibility of dehydration. Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance’s glycerol component increases blood volume and cellular/intracellular fluid storage capacity, giving you extra fluid reserves. L-carnitine and vitamin B6 complement glycerol in supporting efficient energy metabolism for fatty acids, imperative in endurance exercise. Test it in training, and then see your times drop when it counts. Don’t race in hot weather without Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance.


  • Increase sweat for evaporative cooling
  • Improve fat metabolism
  • Lower heart rate

Because glycerol increases the uptake and distribution of L-carnitine – a key nutrient in the burning of fats for fuel – at the cellular level, using Hammer Nutrition Liquid Endurance may help support weight loss goals.

The ability to efficiently use fats for fuel cannot be underestimated. Athletes have a limited amount of muscle glycogen available for fuel during exercise. As the length of exercise increases so does the use of fatty acids for fuel. Being able to access those fatty acid stores will help preserve precious muscle glycogen. It will also preserve fluids as well. This is because as glycogen is burned for fuel, a substantial amount of water is released. If fatty-acid stores can be used more efficiently, then there should be a decrease in the amount of water released as well as an increase in the amount of glycerol naturally produced. All these factors will prolong endurance.


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