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HED Alps 55 Front Wheel





The Alps rims are structural carbon hoops with a lightweight alloy rim cap. An alloy rim section lets you brake confidently in any weather using any brake pad. The carbon section uses high modulus cloth, laid over a structural foam core, and the alloy cap is co-molded to the rim. To lower weight, the spokes pass through the carbon to anchor at the alloy section. No additional material is needed as a strain relief to counter spoke tension.

Rim depth is 55mm. A lower spoke count is possible, but we like to keep it at 18 and 24 for durability and peace of mind. If you happen to have a mishap that causes a spoke to break, you should be able to ride the wheel home instead of walking home on your cleats.

With a 55mm rim, the alps is rideable in almost any wind condition. If it is too windy for the Alps, it is probably too windy for any aero wheel.

Available in clincher and tubular, 650 and 700. Bladed 6/4 ti spokes front and bladed steel spokes rear. Sonic hubs.

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Front Tubular695g630g
Rear Tubular965g905g
Front Clincher725g685g
Rear Clincher990g


Maximum tire psi:130

Wind Drag In grams, measured at:
Density .0023755(slug/ft3) temp 61 f, 22mm tire
Wind Angle10°15°20°
28 spoke std 221229273283292
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