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HED Jet 4 Rear Carbon Wheel





HED Jet 4 Wheel

The stealth fighter of the Jet series. HED Jet 4 Carbon Wheel are a truly everyday wheel with excellent aero properties. Remember junior year at high school That one girl (or boy) who came back from summer break completely different You thought you knew her all along, then BAM. what happened.

Intended riders include:

  • roadies that are afraid of looking like aero geeks, but still want scary fast wheels.
  • weight conscious riders who may or may not be in a light bike competition with their riding buddies, but still want scary fast wheels
  • riders who live where there are enough steep hills that weight matters more to them than the other 95% of us, but still want scary fast wheels
  • the Hed sales and design staff, who lust after scary fast commuter wheels

The above riders will love the HED Jet 4 Carbon Wheel. Seriously, HED Jet 4 Carbon Wheel really are all condition wheels. If you are a lightweight rider who gets blown around easily, they’re for you. If you want seriously fast wheels but don’t want to commit to a full on 60mm deep or more aero set, they’re for you.


  • Black bladed spokes
  • Sonic hubs
  • Rider weight limit 190lbs
  • Stallion build available for riders 191-230 lbs. (extra spokes added, adds 100g to wheel weight). Please specify in comments box at checkout for this option (no extra cost).
  • Rim Depth: 45mm
  • Rim Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 916g
  • Ideal Wind Angle: All
  • Optimum Wind Angle: 7.5º

* Flamme Rouge upgrade available – scandium rim, Ti spokes, ceramic bearings, Ti skewer

*PowerTap options available, please call 1-888-289-1874 for more information.

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