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HED Jet 50 Front Wheel





Designed to excel at road races and crits, the Hed Jet 50 is the newest Hed wheel. After 20 years designing TT wheels, Steve Hed spent time in the summer of 2005 working out the details of wheel that would give roadies some of the advantage that time trialers and triathletes have enjoyed for years.

50mm is the ideal depth to make a wheel that is noticeably faster than a standard 28mm road wheel. Shorter rims do not offer enough drag reduction, and taller rims can sometimes present handling problems if the wind is strong.

At 50mm deep, 1675g pair weight, with an alloy brake surface, the Hed Jet 50 meets Hed’s criteria for an ideal aero road wheelset. Wheels are spoked using bladed spokes, 24 stainless spokes on the rear wheel, 18 6/4 ti spokes on the front wheel. With a clincher rim and machined brake track they are suited to any condition and durable enough to use as season-long race wheels, there’s no need to save them for special events. Built with sonic hubs, the wheels can be made for Campy or Shimano.


Front Clincher725g
Rear Clincher940g

Max inflation psi 130

Wind Drag In grams, measured at:
Density .0023755(slug/ft3) temp 61 f, 22mm tire
Wind Angle10°15°20°
Jet 50 193182234236245
28 Spoke low profile 221229273283292

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