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HED Jet 60 Rear Wheel





Completely redesigned in 2006. Over the winter Hed improved every part of the Jet wheels.
Refinement of the carbon and alloy components of the rim make it faster, lighter, and stronger. The strengthened rim allows fewer spokes for less weight decreased drag. Front spokes are 6/4 titanium for more weight savings. Front hubs are lightened to 79g, with a forged shell for strength and top quality bearings sporting low-drag seals. Rear spoke count is reduced to 24, saving 48g over the previous generation wheel.
The latest Jets are wheels that are lighter, stronger, and faster. It is tempting to say this is all the wheel you need , but that would be selling it short.
Faster than ever, the new Jet is race light and everyday strong. It has a machined alloy brake surface for dead reliable braking in all conditions. There is not a lighter clincher aero wheel with an alloy brake surface available at any price.
The Jet 60 is available in 700c and 650c, tubular or clincher rim, Shimano or Campy.
Options available for wheel crushers and riders over 190lbs.

:: specifications

Front Tubular730g720g
Rear Tubular945g930g
Front Clincher740g735g
Rear Clincher955g950g

Max inflation 130psi

Wind Drag In grams, measured at:
Density .0023755(slug/ft3) temp 61 f, 22mm tire
Wind Angle10°15°20°
Jet 60 195179189214216
28 Spoke low profile 221229273283292

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