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HED Jet 9 Front Carbon Wheel





HED Jet 9 Wheel

Part of Hed’s long list of “firsts”, the HED Jet 9 Wheel was designed in 1995 and production started in 1996. It was groundbreaking 13 years ago. Thanks to Hed’s extensive re-design the HED Jet 9 Wheel is as revolutionary as the original.

What makes the Jet 9 so good, and so much better than its predecessor It is all interrelated. The new wheel is more aero, it has lower rolling resistance, it corners and handles better, and its more comfortable – all increase speed, and all are a result of heir C2 rim technology. The C2 rim is 23mm wide; and that fact alone does not make it revolutionary, and by itself a 23mm rim width is not “technology”. What they did with a 23mm rim width, and what it allows for aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and bike handling are what make the C2, and the new Jet wheels revolutionary.

First, the rim itself. With exacting CAD design and the resulting extrusion dies that can be machined from the instructions in a CAD file, Hed can make a 23mm wide rim that weighs no more than the 19mm rims that were standard for the industry (including HED) for years. The additional width actually makes the C2 rim stiffer laterally than a 19mm version.

With a better rim to start from, the Jet wheels are faster. Jets are made for 23mm tires. Larger tires have lower rolling resistance than smaller versions. They put more rubber on the road for better cornering traction. They require less psi to support the same load as a 19mm tire. 23mm tires are superior – now that they have the proper rim for them. With the C2 rim, tire width matches rim width, so the wheel is more aero. The tire sidewalls are part of the aero shape of the entire wheel, they don’t bulge over the brake track like they do on a 19mm rim. The same straightened sidewalls support the tire better in hard cornering and out of the saddle efforts, so the complete tire is more rigid and less squirmy. Stiffer is more efficient than squirmy, and more efficient is faster.

HED Jet 9 Wheels are all built everyday strong. At a mere 979g, Jet 9 is an excellent race wheel, and it happens to be strong enough for everyday use by sub 190lb riders. Over 190 lbs. You need their Stallion build. As a front wheel they are a good choice for athletes that ride at 25mph or faster in light and medium wind conditions. For those athletes that are riding 25mph or less the front wheel should be reserved for days when the winds are light. Use of Hed’s wind yaw calculator can help you determine what is ideal for you.


  • C2 platform rims for decreased rolling resistance
  • Black bladed spokes
  • Sonic hubs
  • Rider weight limit 190lbs
  • Stallion build available for riders 191-230 lbs. (extra spokes added, adds 100g to wheel weight). Please specify in comments box at checkout for this option (no extra cost).
  • Rim Depth: 90mm
  • Rim Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 809g
  • Ideal Wind Angle: 5-15º
  • Optimum Wind Angle: 12.5º

* Flamme Rouge upgrade available – scandium rim, Ti spokes, ceramic bearings, Ti skewer

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