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HED Stinger 60 Front Wheel





Shaped utilizing Hed’s patented and proven toroidal rim profile. Lightweight bladder molded full carbon tubular wheels.
All carbon rim, bladed spokes, sonic hubs.

The Stinger 60 is excellent for TT use. It is molded with our patented torodial rim shape which makes the rim slightly wider in the middle of the cross section and narrower at the brake surface. This design creates less drag by directing airflow off of the rim with less turbulence. The Stinger 60’s aerodynamic advantage is significant (about 1:15 over 40K) while the handling remains relatively unaffected by side winds. The Stinger 60 is an all carbon bladder molded rim which keeps the wheel strong and the weight low.

The Stinger 60 is built with sonic hubs, bladed 6/4 ti spokes front, and bladed steel spokes rear. 700c only. Hed strongly recommends carbon-compound brake pads for use with all Stinger wheels


Weights 700c


Front Tubular 612g
Rear Tubular823g

Wind Drag In Pounds

Wind Angle10°15°30°
Stinger 60 .404.395.304.414.475
32 spoke 0.5400.6060.6290.641N/A

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