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HED Vantage Eight Carbon Aerobar





As aero as a fully adjustable bar can be. The best TT bars are fast because of the position they allow a cyclist to achieve. Steve Hed has studied and fitted the fastest cyclists in the world, and that experience led directly to Hed’s Classic aerobar. Building on that experience leads us to the HED Vantage Eight Carbon Aerobar.

The HED Vantage Eight Carbon Aerobar is laid up with 3K woven and uni carbon fabrics, the V8 is light and STIFF. From stem centerline forward, adjustment can be customized for wrist angle, palm orientation, and forearm length and tilt. From centerline back, armrests are adjustable in lateral, horizontal, and vertical (X,Y, and Z) axes. The V8 is adjustable in 8 planes, so that riders can be fit to perfection. To attain top speed, a rider has to find the precise balance of aero position and power. For the vast majority of riders, this balance is only possible with a very adjustable bar system.

The knowledge and experience that goes into the most aero wheels on the planet also went into our new bar. The aero section has minimal frontal area, with just enough width to get a cable through. Concealed cables and tight armrest/bar spacing work to reduce drag. Like on the Classic bar, the grip and armrest are in the same plane, offering a position that decreases drag. This position also lets the rider recruit arm muscles to help stabilize the trunk, adding to power output. The HED Vantage Eight Carbon Aerobar offers unsurpassed adjustability, striking stiffness, and comprehensive aero design culminate in flat out speed.


  • Weight: 590g
  • 26.0 clamp only
  • Base bar width: center to center 42 cm
  • Riders choice of extensions
  • Brake levers not included

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