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Kestrel Airfoil Pro Aero – Ultegra, Tri Bike





The Airfoil Pro is all business, when it comes to speed. Its exclusive seattube-less shape means no other frame in the world provides so little obstruction to the airflow between the rider’s legs – it’s the ultimate advantage for aero wheels, proven in wind tunnels and races the world over. Chris McCormack’s ride of choice – ridden to victory by pros and age-graded champions the world over.

Kestrel eliminated the seat tube which eliminates the turbulence – and the associated interference drag – between the rider’s churning legs and the seat tube so it’s sleeker and aerodynamically cleaner. It’s Kestrel engineering theory, proven in the wind tunnel and out on the race course. Airfoil Pro’s side profile is engineered with a rearward aerodynamic center of pressure, for improved crosswind stability in an aggressive aero tuck. The narrow frontal area and generous projected side surfaces combine to reduce head-on drag while maximizing the sail effect in crosswinds, for the lowest overall drag in all conditions.

Airfoil Pro lets you get from T1 to T2 with a faster split and fresher legs. You can’t buy a bigger time advantage. Whether you’re a short-course junkie or a big-distance addict, nothing will move you down the road faster than this.


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