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LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike

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Just imagine if all road bikes were the same size and you could only adjust the height of the seat. Think of how uncomfortable that would be for different sized riders. The same is true for exercise bikes – to get a great workout, you first need to make sure the bike fits the person riding it. Not rocket science, but until now exercise bikes have been built with the wrong rider assumption that one size fits all.

Introducing the LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike. The first exercise bike you can adjust to fit you. A seat that not only goes up and down but also slides fore and aft. Handlebars that can be adjusted too. Four critical adjustments that insure your workout will not only be more effective, it will be comfortable and feel good too. Add a narrower, more natural pedal width, ergonomic handlebars which allow different hand positions, a standard seat post which can accommodate any road bike seat, and a wider base so you can even pedal out of the saddle – and you begin to see why the LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike performs like a great road bike. With 13 custom workout programs, including three for heart rate training, the LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike not only feels great to ride, you have exceptional workout options. How could you settle for anything less

Plus, all LeMond Fitness g-force bikes now come with WKO Lite, a new personal training program. Created by Training Peaks, WKO Lite is an exciting new software program that helps you accomplish your personal fitness goals. With WKO Lite, you can download your workout information from your g-force bike directly to your computer. Just like having a coach in your back pocket, you can use this information to create your own fitness diary and customize your g-force workout to lose weight, improve your health or train like a pro. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike.


The LeMond Fitness G-force UT Upright Indoor Exercise Bike is the next in the line of extraordinary exercise bikes designed under the direction of legendary cyclist Greg LeMond. Throughout his racing career, and now at LeMond Fitness, Greg has been able to transform his passion for cycling into breakthrough products that dramatically improve and enhance individual performance. The g in g-force stands for Greg – a man whose understanding of cycling dynamics have broken the mold of lackluster exercise bikes and launched a new generation of products that deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.


  • Ergonomic Handlebars and New Console
    With Aerobar – for a wide choice of riding options.
  • The Right Pedal to Seat Ratio
    Breakthrough design gives you a better hip to knee to pedal relationship and cranks are closer together so you pedal with greater comfort.
  • Custom Seat Options
    The only exercise bike with a standard seat clamp post to swap seats if desired.
  • Exclusive LeMond Microfit
    Only the g-force UT gives you 4 seat and handlebar adjustments to position you correctly on the bike for an effective workout.
  • 13 Custom Workout Programs with USB Download
    Standard programs include Manual, Fat Burner, Hill, and 3 heart rate training programs as well exclusive training sessions designed by Greg. You can also choose watts based training. Our integrated USB port makes tracking your results quick and easy – with WKO
  • More Stable Base
    Gives greater stability so you can even ride out of the saddle.


Length: 45 Width: 26

Height: adjustable Weight: 127 lbs.

Maximum User Weight: 350 pounds

User Height Range: 4’10 to 6’6 tall

Power Requirements: Cordless

Batteries: The display console is powered by four rechargeable AA nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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