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Look 596 Tri Carbon Triathlon Bike Frameset





The new reference for aerodynamic efficiency

Perception is not reality. When designing a triathlon or time trial bike, hundredths of a second can mean the victory or defeat. The three main design characteristics of such a frame are considered to be stiffness or pedaling efficiency, comfort for overall fatigue reduction, and aerodynamics for speed.

The Look 596 Tri achieves stiffness and comfort with our own specific proprietary carbon layup and molding technique. This specific process and “recipe” allows the frame to be maximized in lateral stiffness in very specific areas that do not sacrifice the overall handling and comfort of the bike. However where the Look 596 Tri really sets itself apart from the competition is in the aerodynamics. Look designers have discovered that the entire industry is driving TT frame design and development off of a perception that no wheel gap is actually faster. On the contrary, the Look 596 Tri frame is designed with a specific gap between the rear wheel and the seat tube, whereas all other designs are tucking the wheel closer and tighter to the frame. Under static conditions where the wheels are not spinning, no gap can be advantageous. when the wheels are spinning, however the gap is crucial to allow a cleaner exit path for the rotational air that is coming off the spinning wheel. The Look 596 Tri Carbon Triathlon Bike is the hottest triathlon frameset this year.


  • Aerodynamic Frame (Wind Tunnel Tested) – The new Look 596 Tri was created for triathlons where aerodynamics is crucial. The Look 596 is ideal for the riders who seek a position for speed. Aerodynamics is the top priority for the bike. Look engineers studied all angles and shapes of the tubes in order to obtain the most aerodynamic bike on the market and tested in the wind tunnel at the Magny Cours Race Track in Nevers, France. Each tube of the frame is positioned to optimize the air flow between the rider and the bike together in MOTION. In collaboration with Look engineers and the aerodynamic engineers at Magny Cours, Look improved the aerodynamics of the 596 by 10% more aero than the 496. Both were tested in the wind tunnel. Aerodynamics and rigidity are often difficult to have in one bike. Look was able to achieve this by integrating in one piece the bottom bracket with the downtube in one continuous shape.
  • Monoblanc Construction – The 596 was manufactured in a special way in order to obtain the stiffness and aerodynamic shape. The 596 consists of 3 monoblocs: the front triangle, integrated seat post and the 2 halves of the rear triangle, left & right sides. This is a new concept with 2 wishbones a left and a right: left & right half of the seat & chain stays. the junction of the seat stays is also a new technique by using a flat surface to act as a carbon plate. This technique allows for a greater contact surface and therefore making it more durable & stiffer where the parts are connected.
  • Carbon Monobloc ZED Crank – The Carbon ZED cranks is delivered with the 596. This is a true monobloc crankset (2 crankarms + axel = FULL MONOBLOC). The rigidity/weight ratio was difficult to achieve until the arrival of the ZED crankset. The crankarms alone (not including bearings and chainrings) only weighs 320 grams. The ZED crankset has a special shape to it that is mounted into a specific oversized 65mm bottom bracket. The OETrilobe1 technology enables the triathlete to choose the crankarm length 170, 172.5, & 175mm without changing the actual crankarms. The ZED is also compatible with 110mm and 130mm bolt patterns to accommodate a compact or a standard setup. The E-Post R32 gives the triathlete the ideal position.
  • Kuota High Power Transfer – Maximum power transfer. Oversized BB molded into the frame structure.
  • Integrated Seatpost, E Post R32 – Easy system for micro saddle adjustments reversible +/- 32mm: ideal for triathletes. Dampens road vibration. Eliminates slipping seat posts and misalignment.
  • Offset Aerodynamic Monoblade Fork – The Offset Look Aero Fork has an important function as it is part of the bike that penetrates the air first. The 596 fork was designed to act as a fairing. The addition with a specific designed indexed stem adds a stiffer and responsive front end for steering precision.
  • Carbon Indexed Stem – The carbon stem is composed of 2 carbon arms aluminum collar. The stem is adjustable by rotating carbon arms and the height can be fine-tuned by the upper or lower inserts. There are 4 lengths available for the triathlete to fine tune the cockpit.



  • Carbon Type: VHM (Very High Modulus)
  • Fork: Offset Aero Meet EN 14781 Standard
  • Stem: Indexed Carbon Arms Stem
  • Lugs: Without : Monobloc construction
  • Bottom Bracket: ZED Specific
  • Crankset: ZED Monobloc Trilobe delivered with KEO ZED pedals
  • Front Derailler Hanger: Brazed On
  • Dropouts: Compressed Carbon, replaceable right back
  • Bottle Hanger: 1 on seat tube
  • Frame Weight: 1350 grams in size S with uncut seat tube and without crankset
  • Fork Weight: 490 grams without headset
  • Accessories: Supplied with 3 sets of elastomer blocks
    Grey: Soft / Red: Medium / Black: Firm

*Frameset comes with frame, fork, seatpost, stem, and crankset.

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