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Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit





Orca Sonar – navigate your course

The 2008 Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit is designed for the intermediate level triathlete.

Offering more than any other wetsuit in its class, the 2008 Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit provides supreme confidence to race in style in comfort. Constructed from BioCell SCS, a dense-structure neoprene that delivers exceptional buoyancy and flexibility, the Orca Sonar is definitely a step up.

The DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel is matched with the HyperStretch Underarm and OptiFlex inner lining to provide excellent range of movement, and the 2008 Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit has been given a striking new Maori inspired design across the shoulder. Buoyancy comes thanks to the HydroLift Body and Leg panels, along with a seamless torso area, helping the wearer to maintain an optimum swimming position and increase speed.

New features for the 2008 Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit include the HydroStroke Forearm Panel, which helps increase the power of each swimming stroke, and a 2mm stretch neoprene Speed Transition Calf Panel, which allows an easier and faster transition. The 2008 Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit is ready for you to challenge in your next race. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Orca Men’s Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit 2008.


  • Flexiseal Neck – The water-tight internal smooth skin and anti-chafe neck tab work to increase comfort and reduce water entry. Velcro fastening maximizes drag-free movement, durability and seal.
  • DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel – 2mm BioCell neoprene technology for correct positioning and flexibility through each phase of the swim stroke.
  • Hydro Stroke Forearm Panel – Superior design with single-minded purpose. All-new printed silicone pits acts as water traps, increasing pulling power in the catch phase of the swim stroke. Embedded in a super stretch water-resistant OptiFlex 2mm jersey, the Hydra Stroke panel features aqua channels that provide through-flow of water, for reduced effort in the reach phase of your stroke.
  • Hydro Lift Body Panel – 5mm neoprene maximizes buoyancy where you need it most. Race-proven stability for perfect pitch and balance.
  • Hyper Stretch Underarm Gusset – 2mm neoprene increases flexibility, comfort and speed through the water and provides perfect weighting to aid rotation and reach. Advanced material technology for enhanced movement and range.
  • Speed Transition Panel – Speed transition panel for faster transitions while maintaining the best seal in the water. Multiple design applications with one purpose: speed


– Outer Layer:

  • BioCell SCS – BioCell is a high quality neoprene ideal for the dedicated competitor looking for the Orca edge. A fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility. BioCell is a durable material enhanced with SCS coating – which will stand the test of time and distance. With an overall 513% elongation rate, BioCell represents the best neoprene available in its class.

– Inner Layer:

  • OmniReach – OmniReach is a durable hi-stretch jersey, ideal for the training and competition demands of triathlon swimming. Comfortable against the skin, OmniReach jersey represents the best available in its class.
  • OptiFlex – The perfect inner layer, designed to move with the wearer. With full stretch properties and durable construction, OptiFlex is comfortable against the skin for the hours of training and competition. Maximum flexibility where you need it most.
  • PowerReach – An all-round flexible and durable jersey, PowerReach forms the inner layer of both the Sonar and Equip speedsuits. Developed with distance-swimming in mind, PowerReach provides next-to-skin comfort whatever your level of competition.



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