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Orca RS1 Killa Race Suit 2015 – Men’s CLEARANCE





If you want state-of-the-art apparel specially designed for longer distances, that comes into its own in the heat, the Orca RS1 Killa Race Suit is for you. Your best bet for longer distance racing, come rain or shine.


  • Drag Reduction – Carbon 6 water-repellent coating reduces drag in the water and so increases swim speed and retains natural buoyancy due to the prevention of water entering the fabric.
  • Lightweight – At less than 100gsm weight, FeatherLite side panels give that second-skin feeling and incredible freedom of movement.
  • Storage – Handy seam-sealed back pockets provide room for extra fuel during the race.
  • Heat Reflection Technology – Main body Oxygen fabric with Cold Black technology makes it feel like youre wearing a white suit-perfect for hot conditions with no worries about see-through issues.
  • Supreme Comfort – Perforated 6mm Berenis Breathe Lite Chamois with 60kg density and matrix top fabric for fast wicking makes this chamois the ultimate for a long distance race.


Featherlite – Orca exclusive FeatherLite, is a very light and thin fabric-weighing in at just 80gsm-used specifically on the side panels in the body and in the legs throughout the RS1 range. The second-skin feeling it gives is due to its weight, breathability and moisture wicking. Offers excellent UV protection for its lightweight feel and with its Carbon 6 Water Repellent Coating is super fast in the water where you need it.

Carbon 6 – The Carbon 6 Water Repellent coating is applied to fabrics to reduce their drag when swimming. It does this by preventing water from penetrating the yarn. This means that the water glides over the fabric-reducing resistance and therefore increasing speed. Because water is not able to penetrate the yarn the fabric remains dry and so lighter, maintaining the natural buoyancy of the swimmer. This water repellent coating is applied on all of the RS1 Killa and RS1 Dream Kona styles.

UPF50+ Protection – UPF50+ protection means that the fabric is the highest protection a fabric is capable of offering and is rated as Excellent UV Protection. This means that the fabric is reducing your skins UV radiation exposure while youre out there on the course. So you can stay out there for longer without having to worry about sunburn on your skin covered by the garment.


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