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Orca Sonar Fullsleeve Wetsuit – Men’s





The new Orca Sonar provides the perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy – now offering flexibility, which some brands reserve for their elite wetsuits, at an intermediate budget. Carefully placed Aerodome2 panels lift the body into the most efficient swimming position, saving you precious time in the swim. If youve been a fan of the Sonar over past years then this seasons evolution is one you dont want to miss out on! The new SuperStretch lining combined with thinner InfinitySkn 1.5mm arms mean that the Sonar is now even more flexible through the full rotation of the stroke -allowing for freedom of movement not previously seen in this intermediate level suit. The placement of 4mm Aerodome 2 in the lower back of the suit helps to lift the body into the most efficient swimming position. Male and female specific front buoyancy panels mean that the optimum buoyancy balance for different body shapes can now be achieved. SCS coated Yamamoto neoprene is used in special Hydrolite panels in the ankles of the suit combined with a stretchy lining that absorbs less water to improve buoyancy and is super sleek, making the Sonar even faster to remove in transition.


  • Yamamoto – The Yamamoto Corporation is the worlds main supplier of high performance neoprene. Its seal represents quality, technology and innovation.
  • 39 Cell – Yamamoto 39cell is an extremely flexible neoprene which supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. 39cell extends to a 513% elongation rate, meaning this material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight variation can mean only one thing: more speed. A fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility, 39cell is a durable material which will stand the test of time and distance, representing the best neoprene available in its class.
  • SCS – Acting as a coating over closed-cell neoprene, Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the smoothskin neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits, to reduce friction and increase speed through the water. The micro-cell structure of the SCS coating repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water. Less friction = more speed!
  • Infinity Skin – Its whats on the inside that counts and Orcas unique InfinitySkin lining plays an integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of our top end wetsuits. Constructed from a high stretch nylon, InfinitySkin is strategically placed where ultimate stretch is required and allows the wetsuit to move dynamically through your swim stroke.
  • Super Stretch – The all-new SuperStretch lining featured on the chest of the Sonar is a light weight lining that is super stretchy due to its makeup and the way it has been knitted. It absorbs little water, meaning the panel stays more buoyant and contributes to making the chest really stretchy for unrestricted breathing.
  • Aerodome 2 – Beneath the dimpled surface of Orcas Aerodome 39-cell neoprene are hundreds of air cavities, which provide 30% more buoyancy than normal 5mm neoprene. Aerodome panels are strategically placed around the heaviest parts of the body, lifting you into the optimum swimming position. Aerodome 2 is an upgrade that uses a new lining to increase flexibility and comfort.


Orca Men’s Wetsuits
29 – 31″
4’7 – 4’9
77 – 89 lbs
31 – 34″
4’9 – 5’2
88 – 121 lbs
33 – 36″
5’2 – 5’7
121 – 134 lbs
35 – 37″
5’4 – 5’8
134 – 145 lbs
37 – 39″
5’6 – 5’9
147 – 162 lbs
37 – 39″
5’10 – 6’2
149 – 167 lbs
38 – 41″
5’8 – 6’1
165 – 180 lbs
41 – 43″
5’11 – 6’2
180 – 196 lbs
43 – 44″
6’1 – 6’4
196 – 213 lbs
45 – 49″
6’3 – 6’5
215 – 233 lbs
49 – 53″
6’4 – 6’6
235+ lbs

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