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Profile Design by Aquaman Women’s Metal Cell 2 Triathlon Wetsuit





The Profile Design by Aquaman Metal Cell 2 Triathlon Wetsuit is constructed of Yamamoto Smoothskin rubber, which is the finest neoprene available for wetsuits. The Metal Cell 2 incorporates a three layer textile laminate: an outer neoprene layer, an inner jersey, and 0.5mm inner neoprene layer that fits against the skin. With the neoprene directly against the skin, the entry of water is almost nonexistent and water retention is at a minimum. The result is a lighter, warmer, faster wetsuit. This is Profile Design by Aquaman’s top of the line wetsuit. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Profile Design by Aquaman Metal Cell 2 Triathlon Wetsuit.


  • SCS (SUPER COMPOSITE SKIN) COATING – neoprene treatment makes the suit super slick and reduces friction with the water.
  • No Friction COLLAR – no seams or Velcro make contact with the skin.
  • 7CM HIGH COLLAR – stops water from entering wetsuit.
  • EXPRESS OPENING SYSTEM – prevents accidental water opening.
  • ARM PROPELLER – the grooved panel on the arms provides water resistance during the pull phase.
  • FLEXIBLE ZIPPER DESIGN – contoured to fit the natural curve of your body in the swimming position.
  • FLEXORSTRETCH ZONE – a 3mm area in the lower back and behind the knees to relieve low back tension and assist with running.
  • PRE-SHAPED ARMS – creates the proper arm angle for swim.
  • ERGO SHOULDER – a one piece construction that reduces chaffing and allows maximum movement.
  • 5MM NEOPRENE ON LEGS – improves flotation and balance in the water.
  • NEOPRENE THICKNESS – Collar: 3mm, Shoulder: 3mm, Body: 5mm, Legs: 5mm, and Calf: 5mm.


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