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ROKA Maverick Comp Fullsleeve Wetsuit 2015 – Men’s





The ROKA Maverick Comp offers unbeatable value, comfort and performance for the price. We kept the same pattern as the Maverick Elite and prioritized key parts of the suit to preserve free range of motion in the arms and shoulders, support through the core, extra float in the legs, and ultrastretch liners than make getting in and out of the suit a breeze. If you are just getting started with triathlon, this is the wetsuit you need.


Outstanding Flexibility – We use premium, super-thin 1.5mm Yamamoto #38 neoprene with ultrastretch liners on the arms, shoulders, chest and back of the suit covering the dominant working muscles for the freestyle stroke. This combination means your shoulders won’t burn like they do in your current suit. We use thicker, less stretchy neoprene in the core and legs, where support and stability is desired. We also use different textile liners on the inside of the suit, allowing stretch in some places and adding stability in others. The result is a feeling of comfort and speed you will love. 

More Power, Faster Rotation – The Maverick Comp is engineered with smart, area-specific buoyancy to encourage the fastest body position possible. We remove buoyancy from the upper body (youve got lungs for that) and add it to the legs where you need it most.  Most wetsuits get this backwards, adding buoyancy to the chest, where it offers little benefit but hinders shoulder movement, and offering less than 5mm buoyancy in the legs.

Body rotation is the key to easy speed in the water. The majority of the suits on the market get this problem dead wrong. Many suits, even the most expensive, add buoyancy to the lateral or outside parts of a wetsuit, causing a damping effect that hinders your rotation the equivalent of adding weights to your cycling shoes. This inhibits the power phase of your stroke, makes you expend more energy, and ultimately slows you down. The patent-pending design of the Maverick Comp adds buoyancy to the centerline, allowing you to rotate properly on your longitudinal axis.

Fastest Body Position – 1:3:5 panel construction uses variable buoyancy to lift sinking legs and provide the fastest body position.

Stabilize The Core – Stability is a critical element of wetsuit design.  Because not everyone is an Olympic swimmer, they can benefit from a little extra support in their suit. We use thicker and less stretchy neoprene in the core and legs to improve stability and keep your body aligned and connected. This translates into a more efficient, streamlined freestyle.


Yamamoto Neoprene – ROKA uses the best neoprene in the world, from the Yamamoto Corporation, for the shoulders, arms, chest, back and ankle panels. Yamamoto neoprene is limestone-based and has a different cell structure than other forms of neoprene. It is stretchier and returns to form better. It also offers an excellent insulation-to-weight ratio. This is perfect for the primary working muscles of the freestyle stroke. We use three of Yamamoto’s best performing varieties #40, #39, and #38 strategically in different parts of the Maverick Comp. This multipanel approach provides stability and aids developing swimmers without compromising shoulder flexibility, fit or comfort. We also use different textile liners on the inside of the suit to balance stretch, water absorption and support.

Low Cut Neck – ROKA wetsuits feature a low cut neck to seal out water while preventing choking or constriction. Our neck line uses Yamamoto #40, an extra bit of attention to comfort and detail, to maximize stretch and comfort.  Everyone’s neck is different, so we still recommend using BodyGlide or TriSlide as a best practice to prevent chafing.

Quick Release Ankle Panels – ROKA uses a 2mm Yamamoto #39 stretch panel at the base of the leg to help you kick your heel out of the suit in T1. You might not notice a difference in a changing room with a dry suit, but you will at speed in T1. Our ankle panels are heat taped for durability and to allow you to cleanly shorten the leg, as needed.


ROKA Men’s Wetsuits
Up to 5’7
Under 135 lbs
5’6 – 5’9
135 – 150 lbs
5’11 – 6’2
145 – 165 lbs
5’6 – 5’11
150 – 170 lbs
6’0 – 6’3+
160 – 185 lbs
5’6 – 6’1
170 – 195 lbs
6’0 – 6’3
185 – 210 lbs
6’4 and up
195 – 215 lbs
6’2 and up
195 – 230+

*If you are in between sizes, we recommend you go up a size.

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