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ROKA Maverick Pro Sleeveless Wetsuit 2015 – Men’s





Get maximum range of motion.

We put everything we know and love into the ROKA Maverick Pro – no compromises. The Maverick Pro Sleeveless was actually our first suit, and it shares all of the R&D of it’s brother, the Maverick Pro Fullsuit. We built the Maverick Pro Sleeveless from the ground up, focusing first on panel construction and materials that truly would make you faster. We leveraged physics, the world’s fastest materials, 30+ years of elite swimming experience, and common sense.  There’s nothing like it on the market. The Maverick is an easy speed machine in a sea of flotation devices. The patent pending design will get you to T1 faster and fresher than the competition.  We won’t line up without one. Once you try it, neither will you.


Ultimate Flexibility – Most thick, super buoyant neoprene isn’t very stretchy. Slower suits also use cheap nylon jersey liners (on the inside of the suit) that further restrict range of motion. The result? You have to work harder to get the same range of motion and move the same distance in the water. Ever notice how much more your shoulders burn in a wetsuit? That’s cheap neoprene or thick neoprene (or both) working against you. We fix all of that with just the right amount of the best material in world, right where you need it.  We use very thin panels of Yamamoto #40 on the shoulders, chest and back of the suit – covering the dominant working muscles for the freestyle stroke.  We use thicker Yamamoto #39 in the core and legs, where less stretch is required.  In addition to optimizing panel construction, we use different nylon liners on the inside of the suit, adding stretch where you need it most and taking it away where you need stability.

Get The Fastest Body Position – We engineered the buoyancy of the Maverick to work as a system that puts you in the fastest body position possible – the kind of position that would make Olympic gold medalists drool. Most top wetsuit manufacturers focus on buoyancy alone.  Sure, wetsuits help lift you up, but that’s not enough — and in some cases it can really get in the way of fast swimming. To get the fastest body position, you have to remove buoyancy, mass and resistance from the places you don’t want it.  We remove buoyancy from the chest (you have lungs for that) and add it to the legs, creating the fastest position possible.  We add mass to the center of the suit and remove it from the sides (see below).  We’re confident you’ll feel the ROKA difference as soon as you jump in the water in a Maverick.

More Power – If you want to swim faster with less effort, then rotation matters a LOT.  A fast freestyle requires effective rotation along your centerline to generate power and speed in the most propulsive phase of your stroke.  The Maverick Pro leverages the principles that Sir Isaac Newton made world famous with his laws of motion.  We call our application of those laws “RS2” – the ROKA Speed Stripes.  It’s science, and it will make you faster.

The majority of the suits on the market get this problem dead wrong.  We did a LOT of trial and testing to get this right.  Many suits, even the most expensive, add buoyancy to the lateral or outside parts of a wetsuit, but using basic physics, one can see that this is equivalent to adding weights to your cycling shoes and pedals.  Add buoyancy to the outside of your suit inhibits the power phase of your stroke, makes it really hard for you to rotate properly, and makes you expend more energy.  Our patent pending suit design adds buoyancy to the centerline and removes it from the sides of the suit, enhancing the power phase of your stroke and encouraging quick, easy rotation along your centerline.  And if you overrotate when you swim, you will be able to feel that more easily in our suit.  All of that translates to faster swimming with less effort.

Stabilize The Core – Building an entire suit out of the stretchiest neoprene available doesn’t make any sense if your goal is the fastest possible swim. Just like with shoes or bikes or anything else, you often need additional stiffness in some parts of the product to optimize performance. Our goal was to make the fastest suit possible, NOT the most expensive. Core stability is very important for fast swimming, so of course we wanted our suit to enhance it! We’ve added rigidity right where you want it to help keep your body aligned and connected. This translates into a more efficient, streamlined, connected freestyle – less effort, more speed.


ROKA Men’s Wetsuits
Up to 5’7
Under 135 lbs
5’6 – 5’9
135 – 150 lbs
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145 – 165 lbs
5’6 – 5’11
150 – 170 lbs
6’0 – 6’3+
160 – 185 lbs
5’6 – 6’1
170 – 195 lbs
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185 – 210 lbs
6’4 and up
195 – 215 lbs
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195 – 230+

*If you are in between sizes, we recommend you go up a size.

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