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ROKA SIM Elite Shorts 2015





Our patent-pending ROKA SIM Elite training shorts were built from the ground up, adding in only what’s needed to help you train smarter. All of our SIM products mimic the effect of our wetsuits by lifting you up in the water. While the SIM Pro mimics the Maverick Pro Fullsuit specifically, the SIM Elite is built to reproduce the effect of wetsuits more generally. The SIM Elite has the same quality construction (glue and blind stitch) as our SIM Pro but has a slightly different material selection and panel layout, which allows us to deliver the SIM concept at a more affordable price point. The SIM Elite has a uniform thickness throughout (5mm). We expect these to have excellent durability over time if you rinse them with fresh water after use and hang dry them thoroughly (don’t use a dryer).


Improve Your Technique – The foundation of any swim stroke is body position. Everything else about your stroke your pull, your kick, your breathing, your timing, your ability to maintain a straight line through the core isdeveloped in the context of your specific body position over the course of thousands of repetitions in practice. In other words, you will develop different pull technique if you spend the majority of your practice time with a proper horizontal body position than if you practice while struggling to keep your legs afloat. When you race, you get the benefit of a wetsuit to put you in a horizontal position… it follows that you should spend a good deal of practice time in this position to develop your pull, your kick, and other elements of your technique accordingly. Enter the ROKA SIM Elite this long-needed training tool ensures that even athletes with little swimming background can build their stroke on a foundation of proper body position!

Get The Fastest Body Position – The SIM lifts up your hips just like a wetsuit, putting you in the fastest position possible and helping your body develop the muscle memory you need on race day. Most top wetsuit manufacturers focus on buoyancy alone.  Sure, wetsuits help lift you up, but that’s not enough and in some cases it can really get in the way of fast swimming. To get the fastest body position, you have to remove buoyancy, mass and resistance from the places you don’t want it. With the SIM, we add buoyancy to the hips and legs, creating the fastest position possible.  In a pool, this lets you feel what it’s like to wear a wetsuit (which stresses your muscles differently) without having to worry about overheating or looking silly.


ROKA Unisex Shorts
28″ or less
28 – 30″
31 – 33″
34 – 36″

*SIM Shorts are neoprene and will loosen slightly in the water. However, they do have a drawcord for adjustment.

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