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Shock Doctor RE+ X-Active Insole – Women’s Clearance





The Shock Doctor X-Active Women’s Insole isn’t just a smaller men’s insole. It was engineered and lasted specifically for women. It’s narrower through the heel and mid-foot, has higher/longer arch and is wider through the forefoot.

It’s designed to provide cushion and support for long runs and hikes to help reduce foot and lower body joint pain. Constant standing can also create increased fatigue on these joints. In order for you to perform your best, your feet, ankles and knees need to be free from pain and joint fatigue. A properly supportive insole stabilizes the foot, absorbs impacts and can help prevent pain and joint fatigue.

  • Designed to absorb harder impacts from long runs & hikes and constant standing
  • Increased comfort, Max shock absorption, stability and support
  • Can reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Weighs less than 2oz
  • 5mm thin


  • Adaptive Arch Technology – Flexes vertically and horizontally to adapt to any foot shape for the perfect fit, protection and natural shock absorption.
  • Biomechanical Contoured Design – Comfortably shapes to your foot for superior comfort & support.
  • Full-Foot Shock Absorbing Recycled Foam – Provides cushion and comfort. Can reduce joint fatigue and pain so you can train/play longer and harder. AirFlow channels keeps foot cool.
  • Lightweight Support Cap – Cradles your foot for superior support, resists lateral torque and creates better balance on uneven surfaces.
  • Butterfly Control Bar – Regulates medial and lateral movement to stabilize and align the foot, and control pronation.
  • Forefoot, Heel and Mid-Foot ShockDome – Additional cushioning absorbs the jarring shocks that could transfer to your knees, hips, and lower back. Mid-Foot ShockDome relaxes foot and can help relieve Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Air/FXTM Anti-Microbial Top Cover – Reduces friction and controls odor.

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