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Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System





Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System

The Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System is the ultimate road pedal for recreational cycling featuring Speedplay hybrid pedal technology. At 103 grams per pedal, the Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System is one-third lighter than most other clipless systems.

Designed for the serious enthusiast or first time clipless user, the Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System features an advanced hybrid-pedal technology that combines the most user-friendly characteristics found in Speedplay’s popular X and Zero road pedals. At a mere 210 grams per pair, Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System pedals blend the legendary ease-of-entry and luxurious non-centering free-float of Speedplay’s X Pedal System together with the robust spring design and enhanced durability of Speedplay’s Zero Pedal System. Named Light Action after its unique low-force, high-security latch mechanism, the new Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System provides the easiest and most intuitive entry and release functions ever offered in a clipless pedal.

While Speedplay’s primary design goal was to create the most user-friendly clipless pedal system ever, Light Action pedals continue to provide the same cutting-edge performance benefits that have made Speedplay pedals famous. The Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System is one of the best pedal systems available. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedal System.


  • EASY DUAL-SIDED ENTRY: The symmetrical Light Action pedal is always in the right position for engagement, whether it is right-side-up, upside-down, or anywhere in between.
  • SELF-LOCATING CLEAT DESIGN: The Light Action pedal is automatically guided into the recessed cleat-cavity during engagement. This makes the pedals extraordinarily easy to find by feel and eliminates the need to look down.
  • SECURE ENGAGEMENT: The security of the engagement mechanism doesn’t rely on spring tension, so it is not necessary to have a stiff retention spring. It’s easy to get in and out of without a struggle, and you won’t have to worry about pulling out inadvertently.
  • 15 DEGREE RANGE OF NON SPRING-RECENTERED FREE FLOAT: Free float without spring recentering tension allows feet to find their natural float range during the pedal stroke and eliminates knee strain.
  • LARGE, COMFORTABLE CLEAT PLATFORM: The pedal/cleat combination provides a large and stable platform that won’t rock side-to-side, improving power efficiency and all-day comfort. Keep in mind that with Speedplay’s unique inverted design, the cleat is the platform.
              o Chrome-Moly pedal each – 105g
              o Stainless pedal each – 103g
              o Titanium pedal each -82g
              o Light Action cleats each – 69g
  • UNBEATABLE CORNERING CLEARANCE: Thin pedal body provides the lowest stack height and best cornering clearance available.
  • EASY CLEAT SET-UP: Set-up is easy because no complicated adjustments are needed.
  • PRECISION BEARINGS: High precision cartridge and needle bearings ensure high quality, low friction and durability.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: A built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication.
  • FITS MORE SHOES: The Light Action cleat fits any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount.
          Light Action Titanium: Black, Sky Blue, Pink and Red
          Light Action Stainless: Black, Sky Blue, Pink and Red
          Light Action Chrome-Moly: Black, Sky Blue, Pink, Red and Yellow

*Note: Light Action pedals are not compatible with Speedplay Zero and X-Series cleats. Light Action cleats are not compatible with Zero and X-Series pedals.


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