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Time RXS Ulteam Titanium Carbon Road Pedals

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The Time RXS Ulteam Titanium Carbon Road Pedals features breathtaking design and exceptional lightness (183 g per pair). The Time RXS Ulteam Titanium Carbon Road Pedals uses a titanium axle and retaining system to guarantee an optimum power transfer. With optimized surface area to weight ratio, these ultra-premium pedals also have a 15 degree release no-slip Racing Safety Cleat, 3-bolt mount compatibility with almost all road shoes, 5 mm lateral float, and 2.5mm adjustable Q-factor. The Time RXS Ulteam Titanium Carbon Road Pedals are the “pro racers” choice in the Tour de France.


  • 100% COMPATIBLE: Compatible with all brands.
  • BIOPOSITION: The distance between the pedal axle and the sole platform is as small as possible to have a better rocking torque.
  • CAFÃ CLEAT: Cleat with 3 integrated non-slip stabilizers, highly resistant to abrasion which provide excellent stability at the coffee shop.
  • Carbon Pedal: Composite body reinforced with carbon.
  • FLOAT: 5 degree angular and 2.5mm lateral.
  • OVERSIZE: Platform oversized for a better transfer of power.
  • PEDAL FEATHERLIGHT: The ultra-light RXS design eliminates all excess mass and is produced in high-tech materials such as titanium and carbon for a dramatic reduction in weight.
  • Q-FACTOR: The lateral distance between the pedal attachment points on a crankset.
  • RELEASE ANGLE: RELEASE, 15° of release allowing natural foot positions as well as different riding.
  • SENSOR: Sensor allows you to personalize your pedaling sensation or “feeling” within the ±5° angular float.
  • TITANIUM PEDAL: Hollow titanium axle.


  • Hollow titanium axle
  • Carbon-reinforced composite body
  • Titanium spring
  • Aluminum lock-ring
  • SENSOR: angular sensations adjustment
  • Q-FACTOR: setting of the lateral movement
  • LATERAL FLOAT: 2.5 mm
  • Weight: 183 g per pair

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