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Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD

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The Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD is the culmination of years of swim coaching efforts and responds to every bit of feedback Total Immersion has gotten from swimmers and TI students on what aspects of their learning experience they needed help with. The Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD particularly applies to those who have had trouble with kicking, sinking, breathing, or any kind of discomfort.

Since November 2002, the “TI Buddy System” has transformed the learning process for TI students and their coaches. In the Buddy System, their coaches get in the water with two or more students and show them how to teach balance to each other using hands-on assistance, including towing, launching, and traction’ to make mastery of balance easier and eliminate the struggle, discomfort and uncertainty that had afflicted some students. Using the Buddy System, their students were able to:

  • Learn balance without struggle,
  • Learn better by helping others solve the same problems,
  • Benefit from a collaborative learning experience, and
  • Experience what good balance feels like, and how little effort it takes to maintain it.

Even more exciting, many workshop grads reported that, following the workshop, they had experienced stunning success in helping friends and family improve their own swimming because of their experience with the Buddy System. FME completely illustrates the Buddy System and will literally empower anyone to teach TI to anyone else. It’s the next best thing to having your own private TI Coach.

The Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD provides the whole picture on smart Freestyle. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is good DVD worth in describing the elusive and hard-to-grasp details of smart swimming While early TI videos and books focused heavily on body position and avoiding drag, Freestyle: Made Easy illustrates everything – how to kick efficiently; every part of the stroke – entry, catch, finish, exit and recovery; how to breathe – in the pool and in open water; and how to do both the relaxing open turn and the fast flip turn. To allow you to study all of this carefully, TI has used more views (surface, underwater, front, and directly overhead), more slow-motion and more stop action than any video we’ve produced before. If there’s any chance it will help you understand more and practice with more confidence that you’re spending your time and energy effectively, it’s in Freestyle: Made Easy. The Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD empowers you to become your own best TI Coach. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Total Immersion Freestyle: Made Easy DVD.

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