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Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book

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Triathlon Swimming Made Easy

by Terry Laughlin, Total Immersion Coach

The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming.

The Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book is a clear, practical guide to swimming freestyle better than you ever thought possible. Not only to swim well enough to breeze through a triathlon swim leg with ease and confidence; but to reach a Nirvana where the swim is your favorite part. If you’re not aiming to do a triathlon, but would simply like to swim with ease, efficiency and confidence, the Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book will turn you into a beautiful freestyler with the freedom to swim in any body of water.

Swimming technique expert Terry Laughlin makes three promises to readers of his latest book, TRIATHLON SWIMMING MADE EASY (TSME):

  • If you can run or ride a bicycle, you can do a triathlon.
  • If you’re already a triathlete, but a weak swimmer, you can make swimming the best part of your race.
  • If you have no triathlon ambitions, but would simply like to be able to swim with unimagined ease, confidence and satisfaction, you can.

If there’s one barrier to even more people doing a triathlon, it’s the intimidating open-water distance swim that opens each race. Swimming a quarter-mile (even in a “sprint” triathlons – “Olympic distance” triathlons start with a mile swim) far from the security of pool walls and lane lines is a daunting prospect. And though triathlon vets may be surviving their “trial by water,” the great majority remain hugely frustrated by it. As one said, “No matter how long or hard I swim, I never seem to improve beyond a level I call terminal mediocrity’.”

With the release of his latest book, best-selling swim writer and teacher, Terry Laughlin promises to end that frustration and to make triathlon a reality for anyone who can run or ride a bicycle. And what he advocates is likely to be eye-opening news – that triathletes will be far more successful at swimming if they don’t train like competitive swimmers, nor should they train as they do for running and cycling. As he explains, the secret to swimming well is to practice it as a skill sport or movement art – not unlike dance or martial arts.

Triathlon Swimming Made Easy solves the swimming puzzle
Laughlin’s two previous books became the world’s most popular “how-to” books on swimming because they prescribed simple, clear and immediately useful methods of swimming much better – techniques that readers discovered made an immediate and dramatic difference. TSME offers similar practical guidance and understanding for what Laughlin describes as a unique form of swimming – open-water and triathlon swimming.


  • Part 1, Why Swimming Frustrates You
  • Part 2, The Smart Swimming Solution
  • * Water is a Wall.
  • * Can slower strokes make you faster
  • * No more sinking feeling.
  • * Swim “taller;” swim easier.
  • * Kicking is over-rated.
  • Part 3, The School for Fishlike Swimming
  • Part 4, Smart Swimming for the Rest of Your Life
  • Part 5, Getting Ready to Race

The Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book has a bonus chapter, the Afterword, explains the mysterious process through which something that was once difficult becomes easier and more pleasurable through practice and shows readers how to apply the lessons of Mastery in their swimming practice to develop habits and attitudes that increase potential in many other areas. The Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book is a great read for anyone trying to overcome their fears of open water swimming or just trying to swim better. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Book.

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