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TYR Men’s Tracer Rise Zipperback Full Body Swimsuit





FINA approved Tracer Rise in January of 2008

The TYR Men’s Tracer Rise Zipperback Full Body is the culmination of years of physiological and drag-reduction engineering. The patent-pending design offers swimming’s first-ever muscle contour seaming, designed to limit muscle undulation and maximize oxygen efficiency. The TYR Men’s Tracer Rise Zipperback Full Body utilizes Rapid Boundary Technology the fusion of a polyurethane micro coating to a proprietary lightweight woven fabrication resulting in a low surface drag coefficient fabric that is non-permeable, water repellent and features high memory compression. The TYR Men’s Tracer Rise Zipperback Full Body is the ultimate for swimsuit technology and speed


  • Lightweight, Water Repellent, Low Friction: Combines the sport’s lightest and most water repellent fabric with strategically placed Rapid Boundary Technology membranes to aid in friction reduction and to assist higher body positioning.
  • Compression: Major muscle groups are precisely targeted with double paneled compression to help streamline the body and add concentrated undulation reduction. High tensile strength flat seams aid body compression and muscle contouring.
  • Quick Drying, Low Absorption Rate: Dries faster than previous suit generations since it is hydrophobic down to the fiber level; so it stays lighter, moves faster through the water and goes from completely saturated to dry, faster than any suit before it.


  • Rapid Boundary Technology – The first high performance polyurethane ever used in competition. Non-permeable membrane provides lowest possible drag coefficient and enhances high body positioning for maximum stroke efficiency.
  • Muscle Contour Seaming – Controls movements to offset fatigue. Resilient flat lock seaming secures stretch, shape and memory retention for maximum compression.
  • Engineered Compression Panels – Compresses body mass to streamline the swimmer and reduce drag. Optimizes muscle oxygenation for enhanced energy return and lactic acid removal.
  • Maximum Water Repellency – Exclusive water repellency treatment applied at the fiber level virtually eliminates absorption.
  • Shock-Free Spring Loaded Zipper – Elasticized coil zipper ensures secure fit, maximum flexibility and range of motion.
  • Ultra Lightweight Microfine Fiber – Utilizes the lightest woven stretch fabric available for racing. Super bi-flex stretch for maximum movement. High fiber density prevents water saturation.
  • Energy Return
  • Streamlined Body Mass
  • Lightweight


  • Fiber Composition: 70% nylon/30% Spandex
  • Fabric Construction: Polyurethane coated woven fabric


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