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Velo Vie Vitesse 200 Carbon Fiber Road Bike, Frameset





Velo Vie Vitesse 200


Imagine traversing the road on the incredibly smooth and swift Vitesse 100. Cruising with ease like has never been felt before. Now, take this image of perfection, and make the frame lighter for an easier climb, the carbon higher quality, and the construction a superior grade. This is the Vitesse 200, the second bicycle in the Vitesse series. The 200 carbon frame is simply 2.4 pounds of high modulus carbon fiber in 3K design. Furthermore as with all of Velo Vie’s bikes, it features the elegant Carbon Axis Formula that makes all of Velo Vie’s bikes so prized. The frame is put together using monocoque construction, which guarantees a stiff and durable ride. Different from the Vitesse 100, the 200 has sloping geometry which can improve handling, acceleration, and conformability for some. OneTri is one of the Premier retailers for the Velo Vie Vitesse 200 Road Bike.


  • Velo Vie’s well-designed Vitesse line will satisfy your yearning for acceleration with the state of the art Vitesse 200.
  • The incredibly swift Vitesse 200 features an exceptionally light carbon frame with a mere weight of 1230 grams for the medium size (about 2.7 pounds).
  • The frame is prepared using lugged carbon frame construction that features Velo Vie’s Carbon Axis Formula, the intelligent standard in providing all of Velo Vie’s bikes with the best lightweight frame technology available today.
  • The traditional frame features medium modulus fiber and 3K design that unite to provide the bike with the perfect blend of strength and nimbleness to ensure minimal amounts of repair and hefty amounts of ride quality and velocity.
  • The sizes available are Extra Small (49 cm), Small (52 cm), Medium (54 cm), Large (56 cm), Extra Large (58 cm), and Extra Extra Large (60 cm).
  • Comes with carbon frame, fork, and headset.



All Velo Vie bicycles come with a three year limited warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials within three years of date of purchase. This does not include any damage caused to the product including normal wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance, or uses of the bicycles of which they were not designed for.

The warranty only covers damage to the frame and fork, warranty information with any other products on a Velo Vie bicycle must be dealt with through that specific dealer. An initial query must be made with Velo Vie where further direction will be given. Bicycles must be returned to an appropriate Velo Vie location specified at time of complaint for inspection. Velo Vie’s product repair and replacement is up to the judgment of Velo Vie. Proof of purchase with date must be shown to verify the product was purchased within three years.

The Exclusive XChange Program can provide riders with new frames every two years offering all Velo Vie riders the chance to maintain a grasp on all of Velo Vie’s innovative technologies. The XChange Program is only within two months before or after the two year period. Warranty and XChange Program apply only to the original owner of the product.

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