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Women’s Apex Fullsleeve

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The APEX is Orca’s newest wetsuit poised to redefine the way wetsuits are designed. For the first time in a triathlon wetsuit, the Orca APEX utilizes air within the suit’s construction to give you a whole new definition of lift and speed on the water. The world-first AirLite Body Panel, features internally crafter air cavities sealed within the neoprene. This extremely buoyant 4mm body panel lifts the wearer into the most natural swimming position. Drag is eliminated; buoyancy, flexibility and natural range of movement increased. Engineered with the latest in material and construction science, new product features include an enhanced Aquacatch Panel, the all new Duo-smooth Neck Seal, and advanced Speedseal Cuff technology. APEX is Orca’s highest-level offering for the competition triathlete who demands enhanced performance. Wetsuit Features:- AirLite Body Panel – Orca’s AirLite is the world’s most buoyant triathlon-legal neoprene. For the first time in a triathlon wetsuit, AirLite traps air pockets within the material’s construction to give you a whole new definition of lift and speed on the water. The APX suit incorporates AirLite, which is 15% more lightweight than regular smooth skin neoprene, offers a 25% increase in buoyancy.- Duo-smooth Neck Seal – The first of its kind in the world. The smoothest and thinnest neck seal on the market. The Duo-smooth neck features a 1.5 mm multi-layered AquaSkin nano seal with tapered 0.5 mm edges to guarantee comfort and reduce water entry.- Aquacatch Distance Per Stroke (DPS) Panel – Designed with High-friction neoprene for stronger pulling power. The forearm panel grips the water in the catch phase of the swimming stroke, pushing through more water without extra effort. Improved sizing for men and new women’s specific VFit system. Please note the following Orca Apex sizes maybe backordered from Orca: Women’s : Small Men’s: 6

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