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Xlab 3 Spoke v2.0 – Front






There are very few 3-spoke monocoque wheels available, due to the intense knowledge required to produce them.

So what makes the Xlab 3 spoke wheels better than others (Read on)


When you are riding, the top of the wheel is revolving forward into the wind and the bottom of the wheel is revolving towards the rear of the bike and has the wind helping to drive it.

When a bike at 25mph goes into a 10mph headwind, the top of the wheel is seeing 35mph. If the blades are straight when the top blade is vertical, it suddenly has the drag of a 35mph wind. If the blade is canted (swept) backwards as on an Xlab 3 spoke, firstly the part of the blade nearest the hub sees the wind, then the midspan of the blade and finally the end of the blade near the rim. This prevents 3 pulses of drag load on the bike every wheel revolution and instead makes the drag load on the bike more consistent.

This is a great wheel in pairs, or on the rear in any time-trial, triathlon or in Kona.

Note: Lightweight riders in windy conditions should not use any 3 or 4 spoke wheel on the front, as the side area of the wheel can cause them to be blown off course.


The hubs Xlab uses have several very important features not found in others.

  • Ratcheting System
    The light ratcheting system allows the pawls to be disengaged, which ensures super smooth coasting. When drive is applied, the ratchets force engagement of all pawls simultaneously. Importantly the pawls are spaced far from the center of the hub for maximum leverage and power transfer.
  • Superior Bearing Performance
    In the front hub, the sealed bearings are widely spaced to be as close to the point loading at the fork ends. The front bearings are fully sealed, Xlab doesn’t use shields. After the hubs are run-in for a few miles, the friction in the hub is incredibly low. The bearings are filled with a specially formulated water-resistant grease. The four bearings in the rear hub are selected #15267Ãs and again contain special grease.

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