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Xlab Carbon Disc v2.0 Rear Wheel






This wheel design has been used extensively in the professional peloton over the past three years.

Low Drag Convex Design

Flat discs are the best for indoor use or on a totally windless day where only the minimal frontal area and low friction surface is important aerodynamically speaking. However, when the wind is coming from the side, even just 5°, the air has a harder time staying in contact with the surface of the disc. Convex shaped wheels generally perform better in these conditions because the air does not have to bend’ as much as with a flat disc to stay in contact with the disc surface.

Superlight Hubs

The super lightweight rear cassette hub shaves the weight even further, down to an incredible 1050 grams for the 700c tubular disc.

Low Drag Disc Finish

The discs have a new gloss finish greatly reducing friction compared with other wheels and yet Xlab has been able to even reduce weight due to the latest carbon fiber technology.

Average Weights

  • 700c Tubular Front = 1030g
  • 700c Tubular Rear = 1125g
  • 700c Clincher Front = 1100g
  • 700c Clincher Rear = 1290g
  • 650c Tubular Front = 940g
  • 650c Tubular Rear = 1035g
  • 650c Clincher Front = 1000g
  • 650c Clincher Rear = 1190g

Speed Accessory

You can now turbo-charge your disc or any other aero wheel or frame by using the new Xlab Fast Finish to further reduce the skin friction.

For a low drag, super light flat disc bike wheel, try the Xlab Disc v2.0.

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