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XLAB Carbon Wing 400i




XLAB’s Hydration and Repair carriers have often been copied, but like any copy, it is never as good as the original. With over a decade of experience designing these carriers and winning more Ironman Distance World Championships than all our competitors combined, we launched the next generation of XLAB⢠Hydration Carriers. Rear carriers should not interfere with the air on the rider’s back, but instead fill in the turbulence ‘hole’ behind the riders posterior, thereby reducing the rider’s drag (which accounts for 64% of energy used on a racing bicycle). XLABâ¢Â Carbon Wing is designed for 7mm metal saddle rails. For carbon rail saddles use the included carbon rail hardware kit.


We wanted the next generation of carriers to solve the problem of storing keys, cell phones, cash, tire levers, and other essential items. These and other items can be stored in the XLABâ¢Â Mini Bag which drops vertically and easily into the integrated compartment and is secured by the top X-Strap.

As you can see, you have two choices for storing your Air Strike CO2 cartridges and Nanoflator, or XLABâ¢Â Speed Chuck on the rear of the Carbon Wing, using the optional hexagonal X-Nut or in the XLABâ¢Â Mini Bag.

Tires and tubes are always an issue, so now you can attach them neatly under the Carbon Wing inside the XLABâ¢Â Mezzo Bag or XLABâ¢Â Mega Bag.


With the CARBON WING you can use a single Aqua Shot bottle cage on the rear or one on each side. XLAB⢠recommends using either the Gorilla Cage or the Gorilla Cage XT for rear carriers.


One of the key features invented by XLAB⢠is the dual mounting holes for the saddle rail clamps. One position sets the bottle cages close to vertical and the other inclines the cages for rider preference. Because of its past success, we have kept the same feature in the XLABâ¢Â Carbon Wing for customizing the installation.


The bottom line – simply the most versatile Hydration and Repair system carrier, complete with 2 straps and all mounting hardware. XLAB⢠makes you faster – ask the Pros!


  • Save up to 13 secs/40km.
  • Lightest durable system available
  • 2 mounting positions
  • 3 bottle cage angles
  • Integrated storage/Mini bag area
  • Complete with strap for bag underneath

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