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Zipp 1080 Front Wheel , clincher





Zipp 1080 Front Wheel

The 2008 Zipp 1080 Front Wheel is an all new ground-breaking torodial rim shape designed to provide maximum aerodynamic advantage and has proven to be 29 seconds faster than a trispoke over 40 k. In wind tunnel testing, the Zipp 1080 Front Wheel improves upon the record set by Zipp’s 808 (82mm deep) rim and is still 80 g lighter than the lightest trispoke.

Zipp’s detailed wind tunnel research has allowed them to explore the relationship between rim shape and depth in multiple innovative ways. The Zipp 1080 Front Wheel is designed to extract the maximum from the passing air while eliminating the pulsing drag effects of the trispoke. It is effective at 2-3 degrees more wind yaw than even their popular 808 and produces a saving of xx watts over their standard 404.

The Zipp 1080 Front Wheel is the must have wheel for the dedicated TT specialist. Released in tubular and clincher versions with internal nipples and Zipp’s new Carbon Bridge technology, this wheel is destined to quickly find its niche among the podium champs. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the 2008 Zipp 1080 Front Wheel.


  • Max rim width 27.5mm
  • Brake track width 21mm
  • Rim depth 108mm
  • Weight: front 774g

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