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Zipp 303 Rear Wheel , tubular





The 2008 Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel weighs about as much as 4 pairs of socks, while offering lateral and vertical stiffness that’s more than double that of a traditional rim. The 2008 Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel is the worldwide secret weapon of champions who compete in severe racing conditions dominated by steep climbs, wicked winds, the need for immediate acceleration, and the minimum possible muscular road fatigue.

The legendary Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel continue to be a rider favorite. The superior aerodynamic properties of 303 rims have been refined through new shapes and tooling through the years resulting in continuously improved aerodynamics and cross wind stability. These improvements combined with ICT and VcLc technology offer a light weight wheelset whose lateral and vertical stiffness is more than double that of a traditional rim, with dramatically reduced road noise and enhanced rider control and road feel through improved tire contact patch consistency.

Zipp knows that true aerodynamic performance isn’t always about going in a straight line, so we designed the 303 to heel over into and out of the corners like no other aerodynamic wheelset in the world. We achieve this by superior lateral rim stiffness and by minimizing the pressure differential from one side of the rim to the other while maximizing head-on aerodynamic performance. The resulting regenerative airfoil makes the rim appear deeper when slicing into headwinds, while improving cornering control by appearing shallower to side winds. Multiple patents and unmatched manufacturing prowess make this aerodynamic technology a Zipp exclusive.

The Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel is fast, incredibly light and stiff, handles great and accelerates like a rocket. It is ideal for criteriums and excels in steep or technical road racing. Multisport athletes looking for a great wheel for draft-legal or technical courses (especially under exceptionally hilly or windy conditions) will love the performance of the 303, and may consider mixing with a model 404 rear. The 303 makes a great alternative wheel for extreme conditions like those often found at Kona in October or Belgium in March.

The 2008 Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel features Zipp’s exclusive Silica-Ceramic braking surface for superior dry and wet weather performance. Zipp’s thermally conductive brake pads are ideal for the Silica-Ceramic braking surface and ensure great braking performance and rim longevity. Meticulously hand-crafted using the most advanced production methods available, the 303 wheel in classic tubular has been a staple secret weapon of European professionals for years, and is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for cyclists everywhere. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the 2008 Zipp 303 Rear Tubular Wheel.


  • Sapim CX-ray spokes 24 front
  • Powertap option
  • Weight: 608g rear

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