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Zipp 404 Front Wheel , clincher





The 2008 Zipp 404 Front Wheel is Zipp’s most popular clincher wheel ever, the 404 is crafted especially for people who demand the ultimate performance this side of disc wheels without trading the convenience of clincher tires, and who expect the kind of all-day comfort that makes it easy to train and race on the same wheels. The 2008 Zipp 404 Front Wheel 700c clincher sports an aerodynamic dimpled surface. Just when you thought that they couldn’t get any faster.

You have to love the convenience of today’s clincher technology. Now you can love the performance even more with this year’s 404 Clincher wheel. The 404 clincher is great for both Roadies and Triathletes alike. Any rider looking for the highest aerodynamic performance in a clincher race wheel, who wants to race and train on the same wheelset and who demands light weight and durability will find the 404 clincher the ideal choice.

The pioneer in structural co-molded carbon fiber rims with welded and machined alloy braking surface, M2cm technology has produced a lighter, stronger, stiffer and yet more comfortable rim than ever possible before. An ICT process Carbon Fiber rim element is hand built and molded inside the precision alloy extrusion in a single seamless procedure. The dissimilar materials are melded into a unified whole that exhibits the best properties of each. There are no shortcuts in this demanding process; what you get is the result of hours of meticulous hand labor married to cutting edge technology.

At 180 grams, the 404 aluminum extrusion achieves a variance of plus or minus 1% in extrusion weight where the best previous industry standard was plus or minus 10% on conventional rims. The result is the lowest rotational rim mass of any alloy clincher available, which means quick acceleration and efficient transfer of power courtesy of lateral stiffness more than double that of any conventional rim.

The reduction in vibration frequency provided by Zipp’s VCLC technology shows that while the 404 clincher rim is nearly half the weight and double the lateral stiffness of an all-aluminum box style rim, the 404 clincher rim has a LOWER natural frequency when subjected to vertical inputs. This rim transfers 10.9% less impact force to the rider than the standard aluminum traditional alloy rim and diminishes subsequent remaining vibrations nearly 30% faster. The result is more comfort and improved handling through improved ground contact. We understand that after six hours in the saddle every road seam can feel like the world’s largest pothole, so no stone was left unturned as we sought to design the first high frequency suspension system for your road or TT bike.

The 404’s multi-patented rim shape is designed to offer the best aerodynamic performance over the widest range of real world conditions using a range of available tires. After exhaustive testing, the 2008 404 clincher rim surface has yet again been refined to better manage the airflow around the rim, resulting in slightly lower drag numbers without change in lateral stability in even the fiercest cross-winds. The 2008 Zipp 404 Front Wheel’s patent pending ABLC dimpling technology applied to the surface of the rim (700c only) allows air to flow over the rim with a minimum of separation resulting in lower drag. By adding this dimpled surface, you can expect to save 1-3 watts of power. One Tri is one of the premier retailers for the 2008 Zipp 404 Front Wheel.


  • Sapim CX-ray spokes 18 front
  • Powertap option
  • Weight: 768g front

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